146. Roadtrip!

With Chris’s wife Kim visiting family in Texas over the weekend, Chris and Jerry finally take to the road for some male bonding, enjoying activities other than just podcasting for a change. Our original intent was to record this episode from the various sites on our roadtrip. But in the end, we ditch the idea and instead just recap the highlights and lowlights of the weekend back in the studio.

We celebrate Jerry’s 57th birthday by driving north to the Illinois-Wisconsin border to have a meal at all-vegan restaurant and brewpub, a 5-mile hiking adventure, and to another brewpub that is not particularly known for its vegan fare. However, Jerry convinces the server to modify an entree so that it is vegan but then gets upset at multiple members of the wait staff for getting his meal wrong. Don’t they know that brioche buns are made with egg?? Chris makes him feel guilty which then prompts Jerry to go out of his way to make things right.

In other news, Ally and Thomas are in a serious car accident which has consumed Chris’s attention over the past couple of weeks.

Chris joins his church cafe ministry as a barista.