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Smorgasbord Buffet Bites: The Real Cause of Elvis’ Death

Buffet Bites: From the SmorgShow Archives

August 16 marks the 45th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley, the King of Rock & Roll. Chris and Ally discuss the real cause of Elvis’s death compared to how the media reported his passing at the time.

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147 SmorgShow Podcast (08.06.22) – Live from the Carlisle (Part One)

Smorgasbord Radio Rewind Episode

As we approach the 40th anniversary of the Smorgasbord Radio show, we look back at our 30th anniversary celebration from 2012 when Chris and Dave returned to their old stomping grounds of Carlisle Banquets in Lombard, IL where they hosted ‘The Taste of the Smorg’ back in 1984.

This is the first of three episodes leading up to the big anniversary where we look back at our special live event from the Carlisle.

On this episode, Chris and Dave reflect back on the original live event and we get a listen in on several major live acts from the evening including: Hawaii’s David Kamakahi & Ikaika Brown’, Iceland’s ‘Sjonni’s Friends’, and Richard Cheese. Chris and Dave reminisce on some old audio bits from their original high school radio show, and they visit the food stations around the perimeter of the venue.

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146 SmorgShow Podcast (07.23.22) – Roadtrip!

With Chris’s wife Kim visiting family in Texas over the weekend, Chris and Jerry finally take to the road for some male bonding, enjoying activities other than just podcasting for a change. Our original intent was to record this episode from the various sites on our roadtrip. But in the end, we ditch the idea and instead just recap the highlights and lowlights of the weekend back in the studio.

We celebrate Jerry’s 57th birthday by driving north to the Illinois-Wisconsin border to have a meal at all-vegan restaurant and brewpub, a 5-mile hiking adventure, and to another brewpub that is not particularly known for its vegan fare. However, Jerry convinces the server to modify an entree so that it is vegan but then gets upset at multiple members of the wait staff for getting his meal wrong. Don’t they know that brioche buns are made with egg?? Chris makes him feel guilty which then prompts Jerry to go out of his way to make things right.

In other news, Ally and Thomas are in a serious car accident which has consumed Chris’s attention over the past couple of weeks.

Chris joins his church cafe ministry as a barista.

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145 SmorgShow Podcast (07.09.22) – Old Men and Their Aches

It’s time for Chris’ annual physical so we decided to dig deep into the archives to create yet another ‘SmorgShow Rewind’ episode.

One thing has become clear about getting into your 50’s. Whenever guys get together, they don’t let an opportunity go to waste for discussing their health issues.

Sit back and enjoy listening to the SmorgShow gang’s medical war stories about emergency doctor visits, colonoscopy appointments, cholesterol readings, and the general aches and pains that come with getting older.

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144 SmorgShow Podcast (06.25.22) – The Ceiling Fan Suicides and India’s Culture of Death

In this ‘SmorgShow Rewind’ episode, we go back into our show archives to unearth a series of Baba Gonesh man-on-the-street news stories involving India’s culture of death.

We look back on the string of suicides throughout India involving ceiling fans, and other bizarre stories concerning strange deaths, suicides, or “flirtations” with death.

Also, as referenced in one of these clips, the trend of ‘Train Surfing’ was captured by a passenger in this video.

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143 SmorgShow Podcast (06.11.22) – The Speech

After 9 months, Chris decides to publish his “Father of the Bride” speech from September 2021.

On this retrospective episode, we listen to Chris and Dave discuss how to give a proper Father of the Bride speech.

Finally, we dig up an old Baba Gonesh recording where he shares a very touching moment he experienced as a new father to his firstborn, Ganesh.

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142 SmorgShow Podcast (05.29.22) – A Pox on Both Their Houses!

Monkeypox – What you need to know to survive the latest attack.  From the virus?  No, from the “Powers That Be”.  

The World Health Organization (WHO) and World Economic Forum (WEF) meet in Switzerland to plot their next move.    

Chief Conspiracy Correspondent (CCC) Jerome Malauskas returns to the SmorgShow lounge to discuss the latest fear porn of Monkeypox. 

We then continue with our monkey theme with some lighter material.  We dig deep into the SmorgShow archives to search for the wisdom of Baba Gonesh and all his news stories and words of inspiration regarding monkeys, including the classic news story of “India’s Monkey Man”

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141 SmorgShow Podcast (05.14.22) – Get a Life: The Complete Collection

On this ‘Classic Rewind’ episode, we compile the complete collection of our ‘Get a Life’ game show series.

This game originally debuted in 1984 and became a favorite staple on the Chris and Dave Smorgasbord radio show. With the 2010 relaunch of the SmorgShow Podcast we decided to dust off the old concept and feature it on our podcast series.

‘Get a Life’ is where we take one pathetic caller who has a miserable life and give them the opportunity to swap their life for something more epic!

In this episode, we present all 10 installments as well as play a couple of original Get a Life segments from the original Chris and Dave radio show.

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