From the Archives: Paul Chris and Paul Dave

Former longtime host of WLS’s ‘Drive Chicago,’ Paul Brian passed away peacefully surrounded by his family on June 11.

In honor of his passing, we are unearthing a rare recording of Chris and Dave from 2011 where they display their best baritone pipes to deliver this comical exchange. To give credit where credit is due, Chris and Dave ‘borrowed’ this concept from Chicago talk radio hosts Steve Dahl and Garry Meier who took on the names ‘Paul Steve’ and ‘Paul Garry’ and imitated Paul Bryan’s deep radio voice. Chris and Dave decided to do this ad hoc recording after a special effects generator was installed in the SmorgShow studio.

As the host of the Saturday morning program “Drive Chicago” for more than 20 years on WLS-AM (890), Paul Brian took listener calls and discussed everything from hubcaps to automotive nostalgia. He stayed away from trouble shooting car problems as he wasn’t good under the hood himself. His full name was Paul Brian Warhanik, but he dropped his last name for radio.