176. A Hole in Our Niche: A Tribute to Dave Continues

Chris continues solo this week looking back our our friend, blood brother and Smorgasbord Show co-founder, Dave Jackson. Dave deserves more than one episode honoring him, so we found a few additional bits from over the years to round out our tribute:

  • Palentine’s Day Episode: Chris and Dave review male bonding activities and keep score of how many ‘manly’ activities they took part in together over the years. The results may shock you.
  • Time Magazine Telephone Marketing: Taken from the original Chris and Dave Smorgasbord radio archives from 1984, Chris and Dave re-enact actual scripts that Chris was forced to read during his very short stint as a telemarketer. This recording was on the heels of Chris being fired from his job just a few hours earlier that day.
  • Previously Un-Aired Content: Dave’s feral cat story. This exchange was taken from bonus content made available only through our premium content feature of the now defunct SmorgShow Podcast app.