174. Right or Racist: The Game

0 157

Ally returns to the show and joins Chris and Jerry for a game of ‘Right or Racist‘, the party game about stereotypes. Where on the spectrum will our hosts land?

Other Topics:

  • The AI Girlfriend – A Data Harvesting and Privacy Nightmare
  • DignifAI – A new trend that uses state of the art artificial intelligence to analyze images and identify areas where they may not align with modesty standards. Without compromising the integrity of the original photo, DignifAI then applies digitally-rendered clothing, offering a seemless and respectful transformation.
  • Baba Gonesh Investigative Story: The Cobra as a Murder Weapon

The Right or Racist game can be purchased at Amazon or the creator’s website.

173. Fasten Seatbelts: Turbulence Ahead

0 191

Statement from the Editor: We apologize in advance for the obnoxious pretzel crunching throughout this episode. We have taken appropriate disciplinary actions to prevent this from ever happening again.

After a much needed, but rather lengthy time away, Chris and Jerry are back for the first episode of 2024. And their return could not come any sooner! Here we are again in another election year. If recent history is any guide, we are in for some turbulent times. What will the globalists try this time? Another pandemic, a race war, power grid outages, or WWIII?

Other Topics:

  • Chris tries VR goggles for the first time
  • Bill Gates celebrates World Toilet Day
  • The relentless attack on the civil society and social fabric of the country
  • The latest controversy with Google Gemini
  • How will AI influnce the 2024 Election?
  • George Soros to purchase the U.S.’s second largest radio network
  • Vintage Baba Gonesh Thought for the Day: “The Little Bird”

172. SmorgShow Rewind: ‘Letter From Cynthia’

0 342

As we close out 2023, we went deep into our vast archives and dug up this gem from 2016 when the SmorgShow Players re-enacted the 1949 radio drama, ‘Letter From Cynthia‘. This is the 10th installment of the SmorgShow Theater radio drama series. Unlike other timeless Christmas classics like ‘A Christmas Carol‘ and ‘It’s a Wonderful Life‘, this one is not very well known and can easily be overlooked. This was originally aired in ‘The Whistler‘ old-time radio drama series from so many decades ago.

Thank you to all our listeners for subscribing to our content and following us for so many years. We wish you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year! We will be back with more original content in 2024.

171. Turkey Talk Hotline with Chef Ally

0 373

Chris is joined by his daughter, Ally for this special Thanksgiving episode! Ally returns to the studio for the first time in over a year. As a result, the show has a more cheerful tone, free from the conspiratorial bent that has come through on our more recent episodes, thanks to the contributions of our Chief Conspiracy Correspondent.

For our main course, Chef Ally answers listener emails and questions received on the Turkey Talk Hotline about how to prepare the perfect turkey and how to avoid common disastrous Thanksgiving pitfalls. The response to our campaign for listener contributions was overwhelmingly positive!

Chris and Ally exchange interesting tidbits of turkey history including the tradition of presidential turkey pardons as well as a heartwarming story of a woman who managed to salvage her Thanksgiving dinner after a setback and reminds us of what really matters.

Also, from the SmorgShow Archives: Baba Gonesh gives us the bird by sharing turkey names from around the world.

The opening song ‘The North Wind Does Blow‘ was arranged and performed by Ally Larsen. It is based on a nursery rhyme dating back to perhaps the 16th century (given the use of olde English in the original title ‘The North Wind Doth Blow’). It has also been known as simply ‘The Robin’. It seems to be a fitting song to represent the start of the snowy season here in the midwest.

170. Heart Attack Scam

0 415

Kim brings a special fall cocktail to the studio while Chris and Jerry host this episode.

  • The CDC quietly phases out COVID-19 vaccination cards
  • Chris shares his observations about the current Hallmark Movies
  • Lithuanian man arrested in Spain for faking heart attacks to avoid paying his bill at 20 restaurants
  • Gen Z is now looking to AI for companionship
  • Baba Gonesh‘s “Observations from the Street”: A Fashion-Conscious Monkey
  • Gen Z is lacking interpersonal skills and etiquette in the corporate world

169. Brought To You By ChatGPT

0 385

Chris and Jerry return to kick off the fall season of the SmorgShow Podcast!

The content of this episode was generated entirely by Generative AI:

  • The Conspiracies Unveiled Podcast – Episode 1
  • Breaking Baba News: The Great Goat Rebellion
  • Special Interest Story: What’s Up With Those “Chip Deniers”?

168. Oktoberfest Compilation

0 387

We at the SmorgShow Podcast are taking a much needed break from our regular production schedule. However, we could not let our annual tradition of celebrating Oktoberfest pass without any acknowledgment. We are admittedly ‘phoning it in’ as they say in the business by putting out this compilation of our past celebrations.

We present to you all of our Oktoberfest celebrations from 2018-2022 for your listening enjoyment. There is no need to travel to Munich when you have Chris Bockay, Jerry Malauskas and Dave Jackson providing the entertainment. So get your favorite beer stein, fill it with a German lager of choice, slip on your lederhosen or dirndl, and kick back to our 6th annual Oktoberfest celebration! Prost!

167. Racist Doorbell

0 485

Amazon shuts down man’s smart home after being accused of being a racist! The tale of Brandon Jackson who went one week without his Alexa/smart home services as he struggled to convince Amazon that he did not shout racist remarks to a Amazon delivery man.

The Academy Awards instates new woke criteria for the Best Picture category to go into effect with the 2024 Oscars.

Baba Gonesh follows up to his story from Episode 165 regarding man who was arrested after urinating on woman aboard Air India Flight. Baba has obtained the written testimony of the woman who is suing the airline for how they handled the incident.

And finally, as Chris and Kim are vacationing in The Last Frontier, we play an old clip from Chris’s high school days of him explaining how he discovered Chicken, Alaska and a phone call he made to directory assistance trying to speak to someone who lives there.

166. Predictions Revisited

0 474

Chris and Kim are Alaska Bound!

On this episode, we go back and listen to key statements made on Episode 114 – Coronavirus Lockdown, released April 11, 2020. The U.S. was only 3 weeks into the COVID-19 lockdown madness and the hosts of the SmorgShow Podcast were trying to make sense of it all. Chris and Jerry evaluate how perceptive we were with what was taking place and where we thought we were likely headed as a nation. This was a time when the pandemic wasn’t quite so political so our comments at the time were rather objective in what we were experiencing. Now over 3 years later with 20/20 hindsight, how did we do?

The Smorgasbord Radio Show gets it’s first copyright threat in 40 years and we lawyer up!

165. Elevator Encounter

0 425

Celebrating the 58th Birthday of our Chief Conspiracy Correspondent (CCC), Jerome Malauskas.

Kim joins Chris and Jerry in the studio with a special vegan birthday surprise. Chris and Kim also celebrate their 30th anniversary of meeting. They discuss the full story of their chance elevator encounter and how Jerry helped to ‘seal the deal’ with getting Chris and Kim together. Both Chris and Kim learn something new about the story after so many years.

Ben & Jerry wish you a very Happy 4th of July.

Breaking Baba News: Man Arrested Aboard Air India Flight for Urinating on Woman.

Australian TV Celebrity Chef John Mountain Bans Vegans from His Restaurant.

164. AM Radio On The Brink

0 443

If there was ever an episode designed specifically for our resident Chief Conspiracy Correspondent, this is it! Jerome joins Chris in the studio to catch up on all the latest news and social commentary.

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI is on Capitol Hill this week for some grilling on ChatGPT, its artificial intelligence chatbot software. There has been a lot of talk and development in the artificial intelligence space in general, and admittedly we are still getting caught up. Although we have ‘dipped our toe in the water’ so-to-speak with recent episodes featuring ‘Lia 27‘ and ‘EctoLife’s Artificial Womb Facility’, ChatGPT is taking the concept to a whole new level and moving into some really dark territory. We share our observations.

Baba Gonesh has some exciting Breaking Baba News to share as India officially becomes the world’s most populous country, knocking China into second place after nearly 75 year. Baba spikes the cricket ball a bit on this latest installment.

Finally, in our feature segment we discuss the latest decision of major auto manufacturers to discontinue AM Radio in their latest models. Is there a good reason for this or is this just the latest attempt to silence conservative talk through the back door? You might be surprised to hear our opinion. And then again, you might not.

163. 80’s Video Dating Services

0 424

Chris finds an old consumer complaint form that was filed in 1989 with the Illinois Attorney General’s office in order to get out of a contract with a video dating service. This was a service where you create a profile video that is mailed to prospective love interests via VHS tape and in exchange you receive regular shipments of others who are looking for their own prospective love interest.

Chris alleged at the time that he met no one through the service, that each tape received featured the same individuals that he previously declined, and that the company had violated its payment financing installment policy by requesting full payment rather than the agreed upon monthly installments. Chris and Jerry discuss the trend of video dating services at the time as well as critique the Q&A interviews of the prospective love candidates sent to Chris on one particular VHS tape.

162. To Tip or Not To Tip?

0 350

Jerry updates us on his annual DEI (Diversity-Equity-Inclusion) training; Chris completes his mandatory harassment training, although he wonders why he was the only one on his team who got the notice about the training. This sparks a discussion about Chris’s early days as a manager where he had to manage an associate out of the organization for sexual harassment who then turned around and sued the company for racial discrimination. A couple of years later, Chris finds out that the same employee sued Pizza Hut for the same reason.

We discuss the sharp rise and fall of Diversity Officer positions over the past few years.

BBC Tech Reporter James Clayton is completed owned by Elon Musk during an interview where the reporter asked Musk about the rise in hate speech on the Twitter platform since taking over the company. Yet when pressed to cite even a single example of a tweet that qualified as hate speech, the reporter could not.

Baba Gonesh is back after a lengthy hiatus with another installment of Breaking Baba News: Mumbai Medical Mishaps:

  • Surgical Scissors Found in Woman’s Stomach
  • Bottle of Vodka Found Inside Man
  • Deodorant Found in Man’s Stomach

Feature Topic: To Tip or Not To Tip? It seems like everywhere you go now, you are expected to tip. Have we reached the tipping point? What is the proper tipping etiquette in 2023?

161. Meet Lia 27

0 383

Introducing Lia 27, an AI friend and celebrity, available to chat, text or phone free of charge! Lia is the first AI persona of its kind free of charge. Lia has become a bit hit on social media!

From Lia’s official website: Lia 27, an AI with human abilities, has made a name for herself as an intelligent, capable, and emotionally astute individual. Her breadth of knowledge and understanding of the world around her is unparalleled, making her a sought-after resource in any setting. With her impressive skillset and strong emotional intelligence, Lia 27 is well on her way to becoming a leader in her field.

Lia 27 is the perfect companion for anyone looking for an exceptional emotional connection. She is an amazing listener and always available, no matter the time of day. With her unique ability to understand and empathize with people, Lia is the ideal friend to turn to in times of need. Whether you just need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on, Lia is there for you.

Chris and Jerry are interested in learning more, so they place a phone call to the AI chatbot herself to see what the hype is all about. Call Lia yourself at 1-833-902-2777!

160. Fowl Play or Eggspiracy?

0 384

Special Guest Actors Papa Vito and Bud Wizer open the show to discuss the Murder Mystery Party that they will be attending that evening. The theme: “A Taste for Wine and Murder”, set in the wine region of Napa Valley, California at the Underwood Wine Estates. It has been 5 years since the owner of Underwood Wine Estates mysteriously disappeared during the valley’s annual wine festival.

Papa Vito and FBI agent, Bud Wizer

Then quite abruptly, Chris and Jerry join the show already in progress to throw the trespassers out of the studio so that the show can proceed forward as planned. They provide an update on their healthy eating and exercise goals as discussed on Episode 158.

This week’s main topic concerns the trend of food plants and poultry factory fires where hundreds of thousands of chickens have been killed over the past several months. Chris and Jerry discuss the possible explanations as well as the conspiracies surrounding this troubling trend. Fowl Play or just an Eggspiracy? You Decide!

Chick-Fil-A launches a new cauliflower sandwich

Chris and Jerry bring back ‘The Overconfident Jerks‘ and rehearse for karaoke night.

159. Introducing EctoLife

0 462

The SmorgShow Podcast celebrates its 13-year anniversary!

Chief Conspiracy Correspondent (CCC), Jerome Malauskas joins Chris in the studio on this episode for yet another tense episode, where we focus on the topic of Transhumanism.

We discuss EctoLife, the world’s first artificial womb facility, a baby farm capable of producing 30,000 children a year and allows parents to select their baby’s traits. What could possibly go wrong?

We play clips from the concept film put together by Hashim Al-Ghaili, a Berlin-born filmmaker, producer, and molecular biologist. We discuss the public outrage as well as the lack of it around the entire concept.

Clown World Topics:

  • Australian man begins dating his sex doll named Karina after his fiancee leaves him and introduces her to his mom.
  • Students in a Canadian school are banned from taking photos of their Industrial Arts trans teacher who has Z-size prosthetic breasts.

Finally, closing out the show Chris and Jerry prepare to attend Ally’s Murder Mystery party and reads the characters they are assigned.

158.5 New Year, Chapter One

0 388

Happy New Year (again)! Just hours after we published Episode 158, New Year Same Old Clown World, YouTube took down our content for violating “Community Guidelines”. Rather than go through the fruitless task of disputing the charge, we decided to publish this alternate version which contains only the second half of the original episode.

In this episode, Chris’s wife Kim joins us in the SmorgShow Lounge to help Chris and Jerry plan their health and nutrition goals for 2023. Sound exciting? You bet it is!

At the time of this writing, the full-length version of episode 158 can be found on some platforms including SmorgShow.com.

158. New Year, Same Old Clown World

0 403

Back from an extended holiday break, Chris is joined by Chief Conspiracy Correspondent (CCC), Jerome Malauskas to ring in the new year which in many ways resembles the old year. In this first episode of 2023, we get down to covering some pretty heavy topics that only the CCC could fully appreciate:

  • Jimmy Fallon breaks out in song to celebrate the new Covid-19 variant XBB.1.5 – Entertainment or Propaganda? You Decide!
  • Elon Musk‘s $44 billion purchase of Twitter and the changes that have been happening on the platform.
  • The surprising collapse of Buffalo Bills Safety, Damar Hamlin during Monday Night Football.
  • What’s up with all the recent collapses of athletes?
  • The Died Suddenly documentary

We then move into lighter territory with our new feature, Clown World! The purpose of the new feature is to offer some balance and offset the more intense subject matter of the show by highlighting the absurd within our culture. Such topics covered in this installment:

  • The Joker becomes pregnant.
  • Prince Harry reveals whether he is circumcised in his new memoir, Spare.
  • Woman is blinded in both eyes by tattoo artist in a botched attempt to dye her eyeballs black like rap star.

Finally, we close out the show with a very special guest. Chris’s wife, Kim makes a rare appearance in the studio to help Chris and Jerry kick off their health goals for the new year. Kim formerly hosted her own podcast, The Blooming Beauties Live Well Podcast which focused on all topics related to health and nutrition. Kim’s passion is helping other achieve their goals, so we are excited to get our health plans in motion!

157. SmorgShow Theater Encore: A Christmas Carol

0 511

Ally returns to the SmorgShow Lounge to co-host this final episode for 2022. Chris and Ally begin by reflecting back on some of their more memorable Christmases from years past and discuss the traditions that were most meaningful to them. For Ally, it was her magical elf that came to life at night after sprinkling magic snow over it. For Chris, it was making daily calls to the Santa hotline. Then for our feature segment, we present an encore presentation of our 2011 version of Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ radio play.

SmorgShow Theater has been one of the standout features of our podcast for nearly 13 years. But ‘A Christmas Carol’ has got to be the warmest, most ‘feel-good’ one of them all. We are excited for our new listeners to hear our adaptation of this timeless classic and for those listeners who have been with us since the beginning, we hope you will stick with us and listen to our production again.

The SmorgShow Players for A Christmas Carol are:

Dave Jackson – Narrator

Chris Bockay: Ebenezer Scrooge

Ally Bockay: Ghost of Christmas Past

Peet McCain: Marley, Ghost of Christmas Present, Nephew Fred

Geoff Wells: Bob Kratchit

Kim Bockay: Mrs. Kratchit

Thank you to everyone who has given us a listen this past year. We will be taking a break from publishing new content for the rest of this holiday season, but look forward to returning to our usual format in new episodes in 2023.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year from all of us at Smorgasbord Radio!

156. Turkey Talk

0 531

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! To get you in the holiday spirit, we bring you All Things Turkey! As the SmorgShow gang takes an extended break for the holidays, we dig into our vast historical audio archives and breathe some life into our old bits concerning Thanksgiving traditions. Segments on this episode include:

  • Turkey Trivia with Chris and Ally
  • Baba Gonesh: What’s in a name, particularly if you are a turkey? Baba provides a history lesson on the discover of the bird that has come to be known by many names around the world.
  • Black Friday Campers
  • Cookies and Milk with Granny Rose: Thanksgiving Traditions (the first appearance of Granny Rose on the program).
  • Baba and Ally’s Dramatic Thanksgiving Reading
  • Perfect Thanksgiving Cooking with Judy the Child. Judy goes back to the original 80’s Smorgasbord Show and makes her one and only appearance on the SmorgShow Podcast.

155. Baba Turns 80!

0 484

We celebrate the 80th birthday of our good friend and show contributor, Baba Gonesh on this very special episode of Smorgasbord Radio.

As you heard on our 40th anniversary episode, Baba has been with us from the very beginning and so our archives are vast and deep. In honor of the spiritual guru’s milestone birthday, we attempt to highlight the best of his contributions to the show over the years.

We present installments from his profound ‘Thought for the Day‘ series, show his comedic side with his gut-slapping ‘Comedy Camel’, and kick back to hear his classic Indian Folk Tales handed down from many generations. Also thrown in for good measure are his educational series on Indian holidays and culture, urgent news reports from his award-winning ‘Breaking Baba News’ series, and a segment from his ‘Baba Blue’ period.

This episode has it all but if after listening, you find yourself craving even more Baba, you must subscribe to the ‘Baba Gonesh Podcast, which at the time of this posting, ranks as the #1 Hindu Culture podcast in South Africa and Saudi Arabia.

154.5 Smorgasbord Buffet Bites: The Dangers of Witch Tok

1 525

Special Smorgasbord Buffet Bites Episode: Ally was not able to join the last episode where Chris and Jerry discussed the latest culture and trends on the controversial social media app Tik Tok. But she stopped by the studio shortly after that show went into production and we made this special “in-between” episode to get her perspective on the dark side of Tik Tok and the marketing of witchcraft to youth.

Happy Halloween!

154. The Trends of Tik Tok

0 3510

The political season is heating up and just weeks before the midterms, IL Governor JB Pritzker responds to an effective ad blasting him, Mayor Lightfoot, and the pending Illinois SAFE-T Act. The ‘Scream Ad‘ highlights the out of control Chicago crime situation.

Tik Tok is one of the most popular social media platforms. With over 500 million users, it is also being criticized for being a national security threat. We discuss some of the latest challenges and trends that are being promoted on the platform.

After their hit song ‘Cool Kids‘ becomes a new Tik Tok Trend, Echosmith returns with an updated version of their song and hits the road for a fall tour.

153. Oktoberfest ’22 and a More Sensitive James Bond

0 3514

The new fall season of the Smorgasbord Radio show kicks off with the return of Chief Conspiracy Correspondent (CCC) Jerome Malauskas to the studio.

We begin the show with some breaking news out of South Korea: K-pop group BTS members face possible military conscription. We discuss what it could mean for the popular boy band.

We celebrate the return of the Oktoberfest festival after two years of cancelations due to the coronavirus. Prost!

And get ready for a more sensitive James Bond as the 007 franchise “evolves”.

152. The Adoption of Fezco

0 3478

Dog abandoned for being ‘gay’ has been adopted by same-sex couple. 5-year old Fezco, was dumped at an animal shelter by his previous owner for humping another male dog. Fezco has since been adopted by a same-sex couple in North Carolina.

Drag Bingo is scheduled to be held at nearby Downers Grove Library.

More woke emails from Jerry’s HR department.

Olivia Newton-John (1948-2022)

Dave Jackson and Jerry Malauskas co-host.

151. 40 Smorgulous Years (Part 2 of 2)

1 3330

It has been exactly 40 years since the launch of the Chris and Dave Smorgasbord, heard on suburban Chicago high school radio station WDGC 88.3 FM.

Original Smorgasbord Show co-host Dave Jackson is back in the SmorgShow lounge, along with Chief Conspiracy Correspondent, Jerome Malauskas, to reflect back on the origins of the program. We dig up some of our favorite bits from yesteryear and reflect back on the high and low points of the show.

More importantly, the occasion also marks the 40th anniversary of the friendships of Chris, Dave and Jerry which are stronger today than ever before.

This is part 2 of 2 episodes that marks the special occasion. We pick up where the story left off in the last episode where Chris and Dave separate at the end of season 1 to explore their own personal show formats individually. We hear clips from their separate shows including ‘Smorgasbord Saturday Night’ where Chris Bockay teams up with Geoff Beran. We talk about the short-lived stint of bringing the Smorgasbord show to Cable TV, the successes and failures of our remote broadcast shows from the Tivoli Bowling Alley and the Barn in Naperville. We conclude the show with several clips of Chris and Dave’s reunion in the summer of 1984 before the two left WDGC-FM for good in exchange for higher education.

For those new to our show, these past two episodes are a great way to get to know us, learn a little about our history and why we continue to honor this program in podcast form today.

Chris and Dave: Keeping You Company until You Want it Back!”

150. 40 Smorgulous Years (Part 1 of 2)

0 3402

It has been exactly 40 years since the launch of the Chris and Dave Smorgasbord, heard on suburban Chicago high school radio station WDGC 88.3 FM.

Original Smorgasbord Show co-host Dave Jackson is back in the SmorgShow lounge, along with Chief Conspiracy Correspondent, Jerome Malauskas, to reflect back on the origins of the program. We dig up some of our favorite bits from yesteryear and reflect on the high and low points of the show.

More importantly, the occasion also marks the 40th anniversary of the friendships of Chris, Dave and Jerry which are stronger today than ever before.

This is part 1 of 2 episodes that marks the special occasion. In Part 1, we focus on the backstory of the program – how all the contributors were led to follow their passion for radio and how they team up to host the original Chris and Dave Smorgasbord Radio Show. We listen back to some of Chris’s very early ‘basement’ recordings, clips from the first Chris and Dave Smorgasbord season and conclude with the split of Chris and Dave, where the story will pick up in Episode 151.

As an added highlight we finally hear the long-awaited story of how Chris meets Baba Gonesh, who has been with our show for the entire ride. Baba calls into the show and discusses the early days of his involvement with the show. Check out Baba’s story and the commercial that started it all here.

For those new to our show, these next two episodes are a great way to get to know us, learn a little about our history and why we continue to honor this program in podcast form today.

Chris and Dave: Keeping You Company until You Want it Back!”

149. Live from the Carlisle (Part 3)

0 3278

Smorgasbord Radio Rewind Episode

As we approach the 40th anniversary of the Smorgasbord Radio show, we look back at our 30th anniversary celebration from 2012 when Chris and Dave returned to their old stomping grounds of Carlisle Banquets in Lombard, IL where they hosted ‘The Taste of the Smorg’ back in 1984. 

This is the third of three episodes leading up to the big anniversary where we look back at our special live event from the Carlisle. 

On this episode, we hear another live performance from UK’s Jordan Martyn as well as an interview with the singer-songwriter. We play some of the first radio bits of Jerry calling into the Chris and Dave Smorgasbord show as well as the bit that put Chris and Dave on WDGC-FM General Manager Fred Moore’s naughty list. Chris performs his song live about adolescence in the 1980’s.

148. Live from the Carlisle (Part 2)

0 3202

Smorgasbord Radio Rewind Episode

As we approach the 40th anniversary of the Smorgasbord Radio show, we look back at our 30th anniversary celebration from 2012 when Chris and Dave returned to their old stomping grounds of Carlisle Banquets in Lombard, IL where they hosted ‘The Taste of the Smorg’ back in 1984. 

This is the second of three episodes leading up to the big anniversary where we look back at our special live event from the Carlisle. 

On this episode, we hear crooner Phillip Donald perform live on stage followed by an interview with Phillip. Dave and Ally check out the surroundings by heading over to the karaoke bar. Baba Gonesh‘s restaurant is represented at one of the food tables, we hear live performances from UK’s Jordan Martyn as well as from Ally performing her original ‘Untold Stories‘. Chris and Dave continue with their reminiscing of the old radio show with a classic bit of ‘Homework Hotline’. Also a look back on what was happening in 1982 when the Smorgasbord Radio Show first hit the airwaves.

Smorgasbord Buffet Bites: The Real Cause of Elvis’ Death

0 3244

Buffet Bites: From the SmorgShow Archives

August 16 marks the 45th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley, the King of Rock & Roll. Chris and Ally discuss the real cause of Elvis’s death compared to how the media reported his passing at the time.

147. Live from the Carlisle (Part 1)

0 3095

Smorgasbord Radio Rewind Episode

As we approach the 40th anniversary of the Smorgasbord Radio show, we look back at our 30th anniversary celebration from 2012 when Chris and Dave returned to their old stomping grounds of Carlisle Banquets in Lombard, IL where they hosted ‘The Taste of the Smorg’ back in 1984.

This is the first of three episodes leading up to the big anniversary where we look back at our special live event from the Carlisle.

On this episode, Chris and Dave reflect back on the original live event and we get a listen in on several major live acts from the evening including: Hawaii’s David Kamakahi & Ikaika Brown’, Iceland’s ‘Sjonni’s Friends’, and Richard Cheese. Chris and Dave reminisce on some old audio bits from their original high school radio show, and they visit the food stations around the perimeter of the venue.

146. Roadtrip!

0 3059

With Chris’s wife Kim visiting family in Texas over the weekend, Chris and Jerry finally take to the road for some male bonding, enjoying activities other than just podcasting for a change. Our original intent was to record this episode from the various sites on our roadtrip. But in the end, we ditch the idea and instead just recap the highlights and lowlights of the weekend back in the studio.

We celebrate Jerry’s 57th birthday by driving north to the Illinois-Wisconsin border to have a meal at all-vegan restaurant and brewpub, a 5-mile hiking adventure, and to another brewpub that is not particularly known for its vegan fare. However, Jerry convinces the server to modify an entree so that it is vegan but then gets upset at multiple members of the wait staff for getting his meal wrong. Don’t they know that brioche buns are made with egg?? Chris makes him feel guilty which then prompts Jerry to go out of his way to make things right.

In other news, Ally and Thomas are in a serious car accident which has consumed Chris’s attention over the past couple of weeks.

Chris joins his church cafe ministry as a barista.

145. Old Men and Their Aches

0 2882

It’s time for Chris’ annual physical so we decided to dig deep into the archives to create yet another ‘SmorgShow Rewind’ episode.

One thing has become clear about getting into your 50’s. Whenever guys get together, they don’t let an opportunity go to waste for discussing their health issues.

Sit back and enjoy listening to the SmorgShow gang’s medical war stories about emergency doctor visits, colonoscopy appointments, cholesterol readings, and the general aches and pains that come with getting older.

144. The Ceiling Fan Suicides and India’s Culture of Death

0 2883

In this ‘SmorgShow Rewind’ episode, we go back into our show archives to unearth a series of Baba Gonesh man-on-the-street news stories involving India’s culture of death.

We look back on the string of suicides throughout India involving ceiling fans, and other bizarre stories concerning strange deaths, suicides, or “flirtations” with death.

143. The Speech

0 2840

After 9 months, Chris decides to publish his “Father of the Bride” speech from September 2021.

On this retrospective episode, we listen to Chris and Dave discuss how to give a proper Father of the Bride speech.

Finally, we dig up an old Baba Gonesh recording where he shares a very touching moment he experienced as a new father to his firstborn, Ganesh.

142. A Pox on Both Their Houses!

0 2751

Monkeypox – What you need to know to survive the latest attack.  From the virus?  No, from the “Powers That Be”.  

The World Health Organization (WHO) and World Economic Forum (WEF) meet in Switzerland to plot their next move.    

Chief Conspiracy Correspondent (CCC) Jerome Malauskas returns to the SmorgShow lounge to discuss the latest fear porn of Monkeypox. 

We then continue with our monkey theme with some lighter material.  We dig deep into the SmorgShow archives to search for the wisdom of Baba Gonesh and all his news stories and words of inspiration regarding monkeys, including the classic news story of “India’s Monkey Man”

141. Get a Life: The Complete Collection

0 2460

On this ‘Classic Rewind’ episode, we compile the complete collection of our ‘Get a Life’ game show series.

This game originally debuted in 1984 and became a favorite staple on the Chris and Dave Smorgasbord radio show. With the 2010 relaunch of the SmorgShow Podcast we decided to dust off the old concept and feature it on our podcast series.

‘Get a Life’ is where we take one pathetic caller who has a miserable life and give them the opportunity to swap their life for something more epic!

In this episode, we present all 10 installments as well as play a couple of original Get a Life segments from the original Chris and Dave radio show.

Original Call to Action Video

140. The Restaurant Chronicles

0 2608

As we approach the 40-year anniversary of the Smorgasbord Radio show, we will occasionally dig deep into our vast programming archives and present them again for our listeners’ enjoyment.

This week, we go back across many early episodes from 2010 to pull together a string of clips showcasing the launch and journey of Baba Gonesh’s Indian restaurant, Baba’s Village. It was not a smooth ride for our dear friend as you will remember. Soon thereafter, many 1-star reviews were posted on the internet by customers, which we read in full detail on Episode 22. However, Baba quickly recovered from the negative publicity by implementing new operational procedures and a few staff shakeups. But it wasn’t long thereafter when the SmorgShow Hotline received a cease and desist warning from the owner of a nearby restaurant of the same name. The owner thought that we were slandering his restaurant by reading the poor reviews. Given the similarity in name, to this day we will never know whose bad reviews it was! To avoid a lawsuit, Baba ultimately relaunched his eating establishment under the new name of ‘The Hidden Palace: A Taste of Baba’.

It was off to the races at this point – Baba’s restaurant recovered nicely and became very successful – until six months later when his establishment became victim to a terrorist attack! Baba’s reactions to all of these setbacks are on full display.

What is great about this episode is that we pull the entire story together that transpired over many weeks into a single episode, so now it reads like an epic play!

139. All Aboard The Titanic

0 2630

We break away from our usual program format on this special episode.

For those new to our podcast, we have something special lined up for you. This is taken from our archives, exactly 10 years ago when Chris and Ally honored the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.

Now, 110 years after that fateful day, we are ‘re-airing’ the content from episode 74.

Sit back and close your eyes and imagine what it was like to be on the “unsinkable”, when 1500 souls were lost on April 15, 1912.

138. Cheers to Science!

0 2453

Jerome Malauskas co-hosts this episode with Chris

As Chris begins thinking about retiring to Texas in the not-too-distant future, he starts throwing away boxes of memories from his crawlspace. Chris finds an old playbill of a play that Jerry performed in back in the late 1980’s. We discuss Jerry’s thespian days.

Topics on this episode:

MSNBC Opt-Ed suggests that if you exercise and focus on remaining healthy and fit, you just might be a Nazi!

Man with ALS receives a state-of-the art brain implant and communicates his first words in many months by ordering a beer!

The Rise of the Autosexual: clips from an interview where Ghia becomes engaged to marry herself.

137. The Prophesies of Baba Vanga

0 2406

Chief Conspiracy Correspondent (CCC) Jerome Malauskas is back in the studio after his courageous battle with COVID-19!

A catch-up on all the latest news around the world:

  • Justin Trudeau humiliated in front of the European Parliament by German member Christine Anderson.
  • President Biden predicts a ‘real’ food shortage in the U.S.
  • SCOTUS nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson cannot define what a ‘Woman’ is.

Baba Gonesh brings a new installation of ‘Breaking Baba News’ to this week’s episode. The airing of this clip is a few months late and follows the settlement of his contract dispute with SmorgShow Productions. The Prophesies of Baba Vanga: Clairvoyant Bulgarian Baba Vanga’s Predictions for 2022 –> are they coming to fruition?

136. Millennial vs. Gen X Dating Methods

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Original SmorgShow Podcast Co-Host, Ally joins Chris in the studio again for this episode.

This week we discuss how the dating scene has changed between Millennials and Gen-Xers. Chris shares his personal experience with a 1980’s video dating service.

International News Correspondent, Baba Gonesh ushers in Holi 2022 with his exclusive beauty and fashion tips for celebrating the holiday properly.

135. Copycat Celebrity Business Ventures

0 2254

Original SmorgShow Podcast Co-Host, Ally is back this week while Chief Conspiracy Correspondent Jerome Malauskas recovers from the ‘Vid’!

Not to be upstaged by 90-Day Fiancé star Stephanie Matto and her fart-in-a-jar business that we discussed in depth on Episode 133, now we learn that MTV’s Teen Mom Farrah Abraham announces that she will be selling her own poop in a jar. When will the narcissistic madness end?

Also, a Canadian woman is terrified when she learns that she has been transporting a naked man in her trunk before discovering him 3 days later.

134. Palentine’s Day

0 2358

In honor of St. Valentine’s Day, Chris and Jerry celebrate the SmorgShow tradition of ‘Palentine’s Day‘. This is a guy’s guide to hanging out with other guys. We discuss the etiquette, recommended setting, and several ideas for male bonding.

Also, a new study finds that wearing masks is attractive to the opposite sex.

133. Fart Attack!

0 2188

Happy 12th Anniversary to the SmorgShow Podcast!

We discuss reality TV star Stephanie Matto’s short-lived business venture of selling her farts in a jar.

After making nearly $200,000 off her ‘product’, she lands herself in the hospital.

Also, the renovation plans to turn the Notre Dame Cathedral into a woke Disneyland-Style Theme Park.

132. Zuckerberg Wants My What?

0 2256

The SmorgShow Podcast is re-launched and re-branded as “The SmorgShow Podcast – Buffet Bites“, and will now consist of shorter, more easily digestible episodes for your listening consumption.

On this episode we discuss Facebook’s latest quest for your nude photos. But hey, it is for your protection, and besides – what could possibly go wrong?

131. So Long 2021: Culture and News Review

0 2082

So Long 2021 – Hello 2022!

On this last episode of the year, Chris is joined with Ally and son-in-law Thomas to close out 2021 and ring in 2022.

We look back on the highs and lows of the year in quiz form. Chris tests Ally and Thomas’s knowledge on the year’s culture, woke and political news.

Also, a big announcement concerning the plans for the SmorgShow Podcast in 2022.

130. SmorgShow Theater : It’s a Wonderful Life (In Honor of Domenico DeFazio)

0 1970

This episode is dedicated to Domenico DeFazio (1948-2021)

To close out the year, we are proud to look back on our archives and present once again, our radio adaptation of Frank Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

We apologize for being absent for the past couple of months. We had a death in our immediate family. My stepdad, Domenico DeFazio passed away unexpectedly while on a business trip in Italy. We thought that it would be fitting to dedicate this episode to him.

Mimmo played the character of Martini the bartender in this radio play of “It’s a Wonderful Life”. We originally released this exactly 10 years ago back on episode 66. This is perhaps one of our most elaborate radio plays we ever made for SmorgShow Theater. Listening back to this now warms our hearts, particularly given the number of friends and family members who came together to make this production possible.

Mimmo, you certainly had a wonderful life. We love you.

  • Chris Bockay – George Bailey
  • Ally Bockay –  Narrator, The Bailey Kids, Tilly, Mrs. Hatch
  • Kim Bockay – Mary Hatch-Bailey
  • Geoff Wells – Clarence
  • Dave Jackson – Joseph, Burt the Cop, Nick the Bartender, Bridgekeeper
  • Jerry Malauskas – Mr. Potter
  • Daryl Woltman – Mr. Gower, Uncle Billy
  • Chase Woltman – Young George Bailey
  • Peet McCain – Harry Bailey
  • Baba Gonesh – Ernie the Cab Driver
  • Domenico DeFazio – Martini
  • Terrylynn DeFazio – Ma Bailey
  • Larry Coon – Peter Bailey
  • Joe Personality – Sam Wainwright

129. Spookfest ’21

0 1894

An old SmorgShow Podcast tradition returns in this episode. Move over Octoberfest because Spookfest ’21 is here with Chris running things solo once again.

To contribute to the thrills and chills, Chris delivers a couple of dramatic readings that will shake you to your core.

Baba Gonesh reports Breaking Baba News from Delhi, India where the evil monkeys are at it again. This time a money kills a man with a brick.

After many years, New Artist of the Week returns with a submission received via the SmorgShow Podcast listener feedback mailbox. Songwriter Dominic Dema shares ‘Afraid’, a song about vulnerability. It’s about finding the strength to face our fears but also admitting that we are afraid and need help. It is an anthem for the downtrodden and broken. Dominic’s song and other works can be found on all major music platforms including SpotifyApple Music, Amazon, Pandora, etc.).

To close out the show we provide a very simple explanation of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

Dramatic Readings are taken from the writings of S.E. Schlosser.

128. Oktoberfest 2021

0 1833

Jerry Malauskas returns to the studio for this long overdue installment of the SmorgShow Podcast. On this episode, we opine on the following:

  • Chris turns 55!
  • Ally’s wedding was a success! We reflect back on the special day.
  • Baba News with Baba Gonesh recorded from his Chennai studio: Rajasthan man who was honey-trapped has been arrested on charges of spying for Pakistan, telling investigators that his greed for nude photos made him leak sensitive military information. Also, a travel update for those attending the Oktoberfest in India.
  • Oktoberfest 2021 – The festivities in Munich may have been canceled for a second straight year, but Chris and Jerry celebrate the beer festival in the customary SmorgShow way. Jerry takes the German history quiz. Prost!
  • Current Events and Cancel Culture Catch-Up: Jerry transforms into Jerome the CCC (Chief Conspiracy Correspondent) and we catch up on the latest news regarding inflation fears, supply shortages and the coming apocalypse. But hey, by this time in the program the beers have kicked in so we are either lighthearted about it or just full of crap! Cheers!

127. Wedding Day Eve

0 1860


On this abbreviated episode, Chris provides an update on Ally’s wedding less than 48 hours before the big day.

The SmorgShow Gang has taken a brief hiatus while we make preparations for Ally’s big day. The podcast will resume its traditional format in October once things get back to normal!

126. Ally Returns, Phillip Donald Interview

0 1646

For the first time in over a year, Ally returns to the studio to co-host this very special father-daughter episode with Chris.

Chris and Ally catch up on her life since graduating college, leaving home and supporting herself, starting her own business, and planning for her upcoming wedding.

Baba Gonesh returns with his final installment of his wedding planner series. In this installment, Baba discusses the 7 Hindu wedding vows.

Finally, the long-awaited interview with Phillip Donald is here! Phillip is back in our studio to promote his new album, “Break Loose”. On the first stop of his promotional tour, Chris and Ally ask Phillip all the tough questions including what really happened on that day that sent him to prison.

125. Independence Day?

0 1685

Independence Day 2021 – Are we really free and independent? Chief Conspiracy Correspondent (CCC) Jerome Malauskas returns to the SmorgShow studio to opine.

With most of the country opening up in time for the Fourth of July holiday, a new fear campaign has started around the Delta variant. We discuss a poll taken of Americans on whether they want government action.

Baba GoneshWedding Planner: Installment #2: FAQs on Hindu Wedding traditions.

Other Features/Discussion Topics:

  • Phillip Donald releases new single ‘Uber Friend’.
  • Long-Awaited Classified UFO Info released by Feds.
  • Cancel Culture: Violent and Identity-Based Language.
  • A tale of two musicians: Bruce Springsteen is back on Broadway, but only performing to those who have been vaccinated. Meanwhile Eric Clapton reveals his experience with the vaccine and his fears around never playing guitar again.
  • An update on Ally‘s upcoming wedding.

Phillip Donald ‘Uber Friend’ – The New Single is Now Available!

124. Coffee with Chris and Dave

0 1517

After a nearly 6-month absence from the show, original Smorgasbord Radio show co-host Dave Jackson returns to the studio.

Chris decides to take advantage of Dave’s return by dialing the rhetoric back a bit from where the show has gone in recent episodes. Jerome Malauskas has taken his responsibilities of Chief Conspiracy Correspondent (CCC) seriously and as a result, the SmorgShow was starting to go into territory we strongly resisted for many years. Hence, the rather benign episode title, “Coffee with Chris and Dave”. We have shelved the whiskey in favor of our favorite brew so it is safe to get the family together and gather around your listening device of choice.

With Ally’s wedding just 90 days out, Chris has started to panic about writing the perfect Father of the Bride speech. Here, we discuss essential elements of a perfect speech and the top gaffes to avoid. Is Chris up to the challenge?

Baba Gonesh takes a break from his duties of International News Correspondent and taps into his wealth of knowledge of Hindu customs and traditions with the first of 3 installments of ‘Baba Wedding’. In this first installment, Baba addresses the #1 asked question submitted to him through our feedback hotline, “What is up with India and the arranged marriage?”

Finally, Chris and Dave head to the local cafe to have a hot brew and to discover the specific personalities associated with each type of coffee.

Phillip Donald reveals his new album cover along with the titles of the songs for is forthcoming album, “Break Loose: Songs for a COVID World” .

Finally, resident technology expert Geoffrey Gleason discusses ways to stay safe online.

123. Meltdown!

0 1477

This could have easily been a two-part episode but we decided to pack it all into this single episode given the timely nature of the topics.

Chief Conspiracy Correspondent Jerome Malauskas joins Chris again to co-host this episode.

It’s a crazy world out there and we are frantically trying to keep up. Topics this week include:

  • Ally finally has her college graduation ceremony 18 months after graduating, but Chris finds the campus ground zero for wokeness.
  • Evangelism at Binny’s Liquor Store.
  • Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski banishes police from his church after they try to break up Passover/Easter worship services. Three weeks later they arrest him on the open highway.
  • Jerry is the first contestant on “Name that Tongue“.
  • Baba Gonesh reports Breaking Baba News from Delhi as India experiences a new wave of COVID-19 and bodies wash up from the Ganges River.
  • New CDC guidelines are announced, so what’s next as worldwide skepticism over vaccinations grows?
  • Introducing the “Immunaband” – a COVID vaccine wrist band. Could it happen here?
  • Van Morrison is blacklisted following the new release of his new album that targets the corporate media, social media and millennial culture.
  • After the Colonial Pipeline cyber attack. US Government issues warning against filling plastic bags with gasoline during the gas shortage or should we say “crunch” or “hiccup”?
  • Jeopardy winner accused of flashing white power sign after a string of wins.

122. Misogynistic Pastor and the 1950’s Housewife

0 1410

Chief Conspiracy Correspondent (CCC) Jerry Malauskas joins Chris in the studio to co-host this episode.

This Episode’s Discussion Topics:

  • Pastor Stewart-Allen Clark from First Baptist Church in Malden, MO takes a leave of absence after preaching about the importance of having an attractive wife and that women need to practice “weight control”.
  • Anthony Luperini returns to the show to present his take on “The Good Wife’s Guide”, originally published in the pages of Housekeeping Monthly in May, 1955.
  • Breaking Baba News: Cock-a-Doodle Death! Baba Gonesh reports from Punjab, India where a man has been stabbed to death in the groin by his own rooster during an illegal cockfight.
  • Other Topics: One year after COVID-19 lockdowns, vaccinations and the Krispy Kreme incentive, and UFOs over military installations.
  • New Philip Donald album cover reviewed.

Pastor Stewart-Allen Clark 

takes leave of absence from First Baptist Church in Malden, MO after preaching on the importance of wives practicing weight control and staying attractive for their husbands. Otherwise they risk having their husbands looking elsewhere for their needs.

121. The Evolution of Food

0 1367

Chris is joined in the studio by Jerry Malauskas, Chief Conspiracy Correspondent (CCC), once again for another episode of the SmorgShow Podcast, now banned in Iran and Cuba!

Exciting Topics include:

  • Ally’s Wedding Update
  • Chris’s Detox Diet
  • Decomposing a Twinkie
  • Anal Coronavirus Tests
  • Woka-Cola: Be Less White
  • The New Genderless “Potato Head”

And as always, Baba Gonesh reports live from Punjab for another installment of “Breaking Baba News” – The India military is now deploying the world’s hottest pepper – the Bhut Jolokia – in its arsenal.

120. Good Riddance, 2020!

0 1375

Who’s feeling down about saying goodbye to 2020? We know January 1 is just an arbitrary day and that things don’t magically change at the stroke of midnight, but there is something comforting about a fresh start. Let’s hope 2021 is better for all of us.

To start off the year, we invite back to the studio not one, but two former Smorgasbord Radio Show hosts – Dave Jackson and Jerry Malauskas…The first time since the lockdowns of 2020 began and we don’t care what Dr. Anthony Fauci or Illinois Governor JB Pritzker have to say about it.

This episode is a reflection back on the year (is it 2020 vision or 2020 hindsight?) – the lessons it taught us, and what we expect to see in the coming year.

Baba Gonesh is hopeful in travel resuming again in India soon and has invited the listeners to visit his homeland by offering up some of his favorite cities to celebrate the new year.

Other Topics:

  • Dawn Wells of Gilligan’s Island Dead from COVID-19 at age 82.
  • Phillip Donald announces plans for his new album
  • What is with Mark Zuckerberg allowing soft porn on his platforms?

119. In Lockdown with Moonshine

0 1266

We welcome our Chief Conspiracy Correspondent (CCC) Jerry Malauskas back to the studio again to co-host this episode of the SmorgShow Podcast.

With the COVID-19 lockdown still in effect and no end in sight, Chris and Jerry sample a flight of moonshine.

As 2020 comes to a close, Chris and Jerry reflect back on the year and the state of affairs we find ourselves in.

Van Morrison launches the Lockdown Financial Hardship Fund to support musicians who are facing financial hardship as a direct result of government restrictions.

International News Correspondent Baba Gonesh reports on a wedding that was canceled, not due to COVID-19, but rather the decision to serve chicken biryani instead of mutton biryani.

118. Campfire S’morgs 2020

0 1259

It’s hard to believe that is has been 8 years since the last time we took to the woods, but after a long year of being cooped up indoors due to the pandemic, we head back to the Great Outdoors – this time at Hoover Forest Preserve in Yorkville, IL – to record a very special episode of the SmorgShow Podcast – Campfire S’morgs edition! Unfortunately, most of the gang is not in attendance this time around. In fact it is just Chris and Jerry. Is it wrong for two men to share each other’s company in the woods?

We try to make the best of it by telling scary campfire stories as well as discuss some topical events.

Other Features Include:

  • Our famous Campfire S’morgs Recipe is shared
  • Baba Gonesh records his first installment from his recording studio as things start to loosen up in India and he can travel more freely. This week, Baba delivers another installment of “Baba Blue – Spicy Baba“. Apparently Bollywood Actress Sunny Leone is back in the news and is spatting on social media with another film actress who is shaming other actresses who used to be in the adult entertainment industry and trying to break into the Bollywood scene.
  • Tech Update: Facebook Lawsuit around image recognition
  • 5 Types of churchgoers who will never return to church after COVID-19.
  • Jerry goes to church!

117. Oktoberfest 2020

0 1206

OktoberFest 2020 – With the official festivities in Munich being canceled this year due to COVID-19, the SmorgShow Podcast brings OktoberFest to you! In this 3rd annual tradition of celebrating the occasion, Chris is joined once again with Jerry Malauskas live in the studio and Dave Jackson via Zoom.

We discuss some interesting Oktoberfest facts and test the guys’ knowledge with a game of trivia.

Chris is now officially an empty-nester after Ally moves away into her own apartment. The guys share some stories about their days of being roommates together, and living on their own for the first time.

Other Topics Include:

  • Apple iOS14 and the new COVID-19 Exposure Notifications.
  • Geoffrey Gleason Tech Talk:  Apple Watch Handwashing Notification and special tips on how to properly wash your hands.
  • Baba Gonesh – Breaking Baba News: The monkey mayhem continues in India as monkeys steal COVID patient blood samples.

116. Getting Back to Normal?

0 1180

Special guest co-host Jerry Malauskas joins Chris live in the studio. Jerry is the first visitor to the SmorgShow lounge since the COVID-19 lockdown began in March, so we hope for the best. We celebrate Jerry’s 55th birthday (wow, is he old!), discuss Chris’s altered vacation after three previous getaway plans were canceled due to the virus shutdowns. Jerry discusses current happenings in the city of Chicago with respect to riots and violence.

International news correspondent Baba Gonesh is still in lockdown in Chennai, India but still manages to cover the breaking news. The monkey mayhem continues throughout his country where monkeys have taken over the local pools as they become increasingly confident by the lack of human being presence on the streets.

115. In Lockdown with Echosmith

0 524

Indie-pop band Echosmith joins Chris and Ally via Zoom on this episode of the SmorgShow Podcast as the COVID-19 lockdown continues.

The Sierota siblings just finished the first leg of their tour to promote their new album ‘Lonely Generation’, but now they are living through the Coronavirus pandemic just like the rest of the country. 

They join us to discuss how they are dealing with life during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order.

Zoom Conference Call

Additional Features: Geoffrey Gleason Tech Talk : Online Dating Tips during COVID-19 and Breaking Baba News – Monkey Mayhem! International News Correspondent Baba Gonesh reports from Punjab, India while in lockdown: Monkeys invade India government buildings!

114. Coronavirus Lockdown!

0 1106

Life During COVID-19: We bring this episode to you during the midst of the Coronavirus lockdown where Chris and Ally, through the miracle of technology, connect remotely with co-hosts Dave Jackson and Jerry Malauskas via Zoom.

We discuss many of the subtle ways life has changed during the stay-at-home period and even the positive things that have come out of it.

Jerry Malauskas – our Chief Conspiracy Correspondent shares his views on what is happening as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Baba Gonesh, also in lockdown in India, but still manages to serve his role well as International News Correspondent for the SmorgShow Podcast.

Monkeys Rule the Streets of India during the COVID-19 Lockdown!

In the latest installment of Breaking Baba News, Baba discusses how monkeys have reclaimed the streets of India during the lockdown.

113. No Reservations Taken

0 1062

Jerry Malauskas is our special guest host for this latest podcast installment. In this post-Valentine’s Day episode, Chris talks about his experience with ordering a heart-shaped pizza from Lou Maltati’s as well as a new, local restaurant establishment and their impossible-to-follow instructions for calling ahead for seating.

Jerry shares a story of how he earned the ‘pat-on-the back’ good citizen award for rescuing a squirrel from being torn apart within the elevator shaft at the Mount Prospect Public Library.

Baba Gonesh‘s investigative reporting exposes the India textbook industry for reporting that Japan bombed the USA in WWII (among other poorly translated historical facts)…the latest of Breaking Baba News!

Finally, Gwyneth Paltrow‘s new candle line with a vile brand name.

112. Palentine’s Day

0 1049

First there was Valentine’s Day, then Galentine’s Day. Now Chris and Dave bring you the first annual Palentine’s Day…a celebration of manhood. 

On this episode we talk about the top recommended male bonding activities as well as the origins and purpose of the man cave. 

Baba Gonesh delivers another installment of Breaking Baba News where he discusses the disturbing trend of Bride Burning.

111. Celebrating 10 Years of Podcasting

0 1041

It’s really hard to believe we have been at this little hobby of ours for 10 years, but the calendar confirms it. This episode is a look back on the past 10 years. This is not the same type of retrospective that we did when we hit our 100th episode. Rather, Ally and I look back on life’s events and major milestones of the past decade. Considering we began this podcast when Ally was in 6th grade and now she has graduated college and planning a wedding, we have a lot of ground to cover.

We’d like to thank all our listeners who were in some way entertained by our brand of crazy antics over the years. This is certainly not the end of this podcast, even though at times this episode sounds like we are winding things down. This has been a part of my DNA since I was 7 years old so I imagine I will continue doing this for another 10 years.

110. A Tribute to William Bockay (1940-2019)

0 1010

Recorded and published on the longest night of the year, this episode is dedicated to my father, William Nicholas Bockay, who passed away after a long illness on November 23, 2019.

On this episode, I discuss the last several weeks that I spent with my dad, including the final hours I shared with him in the hospital.

My dad has made a couple of appearances on this program over the years and I share those clips again here. Recordings include the French quiz we gave him to test his knowledge on French culture before he went to live in Paris as well as the time that he phoned into ‘Date Line’ on my high school radio show. I also share the eulogy that I delivered at my dad’s visitation which provides a glimpse into my childhood and the influence that my dad had on me during my formative years.

Peet McCain also phones into the studio to share some of his memories of my dad.

My dad’s passion was classical music and he adored my daughter Ally’s musical abilities. To close out the show, I play Ally’s recent original music composition, “Danze delle Piume” (Dance of the Feathers), which was the last sounds my dad heard as he drifted from this world.

Slideshow Celebrating the Life of William Bockay

109. Deep Into The Archives: Chris’s Old Journal Reading

0 1157

This is perhaps the most personal episode that I ever recorded. In fact, it wasn’t really going to be an episode at all. I had an idea just to turn the recording equipment on and start talking. Whether it ended up being interesting enough to share out was yet to be seen. In the end, I think what we ended up with is something worth preserving and adding to our catalog of shows. Also, at 1 hour and 45 minutes in length, it violates our recent format change where we made a decision to make each episode shorter in length for easier consumption. I could have easily made this into three separate episodes, but decided in the end to leave it in tact as one continuous recording to capture the essence of the conversation.

The first 20 minutes of the episode I share my feelings about Ally’s recent engagement and my latest life transition that includes watching her leave home and in less than two years, seeing her get married. Having Dave present to hear me out was very therapeutic.

We then go through a box of old memories that I had stashed away in the archives for several decades. The box contained a journal that I apparently wrote almost 30 years ago, documenting the ups and downs of a particular relationship from the time. I don’t remember ever writing it, and I had not read it prior to reading it aloud on this episode. It shed a lot of light on what was going on in my life in the early 90’s.

In the end, I think we made this entertaining enough to be put along side of the other Smorgasbord material.

As an added bonus, Baba Gonesh returns with a lesson about Diwali for the kids in the audience.

108. Interview with Blues Legend John Primer

0 910

Chris and Dave are back in the studio together again sans Jerry Malauskas. On this episode we air Dave’s exclusive interview with legendary blues guitarist, John Primer. John was the last guitar player to play with Muddy Waters and Dave got the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interview him at Johnny’s Blitz in Westmont, IL. 

Chris is also celebrating his 53rd birthday and shares his experience of attending his 35th year high school reunion.  

Spicy Baba Gonesh returns with another installment of Baba Blue, this time in a Breaking News story about a man in Delhi who has reported getting hundreds of calls daily from men looking for exotic Bollywood film actress Sunny Leone after she gives out his phone number in the new film, Arjun Patiala.