The Smorgasbord Radio Show – Now in its 5th Decade!

smor·gas·bord\ˈsmȯr-gəs-ˌbȯrd\: a luncheon or supper buffet offering a variety of foods and dishes.

pod·cast \ˈpäd-ˌkast\: a program made available in digital format for automatic download over the Internet.

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The SmorgShow Podcast originates from the Chris and Dave Smorgasbord radio show which aired on suburban Chicago high school radio station WDGC-FM between 1982-1984. The show was known at the time for its edginess for a high school radio program. Chris and Dave’s all-talk format broke the mold by deviating from the station’s rock genre and often pushed the boundaries of acceptable community standards.

In 2010, Chris Bockay resurrected the Smorgasbord brand name and paired up with his daughter, Ally to create a new podcast series staying true to the original spirit and variety format of the old radio show.

After serving as co-host and contributing to nearly 100 episodes, Ally is now grown up and has flown the coop, leaving Chris to fend for himself.  As a result, the show has taken a bit of a different turn.  Chris now pairs up regularly with original Smorgasbord Radio Show co-host Dave Jackson as well as Jerry Malauskas who serves as the show’s Chief Conspiracy Correspondent (CCC).   And let’s not forget ‘Master of the Wide Open Spaces Between the Ears’, Baba Gonesh – who after 40 years of being featured on our show, serves as our International News Correspondent, sending his views and breaking news directly from his homeland of India.

In January 2022, the program was re-launched and re-branded as “The SmorgShow Podcast – Buffet Bites“, and will consist of shorter, more easily digestible episodes for your listening consumption.

While Seinfeld was said to be “a show about nothing”, the SmorgShow Podcast is a show about anything.

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