Porky Puffs

The first official sponsor of the SmorgShow Podcast.
Porky Puffs – Spot 1
Porky Puffs – Spot 2
Porky Puffs – Spot 3

Chris and Dave for Bod Man

This was recorded at the 20th Anniversary Smorg Reunion.  A little impromptu skit with Chris and Dave.  This ended up being the last video of the the two together.

Snuggie Commercial

The Snuggie was definitely the hot Christmas item for 2009 and Allison was the proud recipient of one. She wrote the script for this commercial and I edited this on New Year’s Eve.

WDGC-FM One Dollar Giveaway Promos

The one-dollar giveaway promos.  

Promo #1 is a parody of the WLS-AM cash giveaway calls, where we used the same background music from Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”.

Promo #2 was from the Chris and Dave Smorgasbord 1984 Summer Series.

Promo 1 – 1983
Promo 2 – 1984