020. Chris’s New Injury and Trying Out Pizza Pizzazz

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An updated studio version of “Stuck in the Slammer Blues”, a new injury for Chris, and we breaking in the new Pizza Pizzazz after getting a recommendation from Steve Dahl, Philip Donald Performs, Baba Gonesh Jokes.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Brett Mikels

019. Prosthetic Legs for Sale

0 324


An update on Baba’s new restaurant, prosthetic legs for sale, movie trivia, phone calls from the listener hotline, and another installment of “Where’s Tisha?” – the first Tisha Chicken sighting.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Justine Bennett

018. Baba Gonesh’s Restaurant Grand Opening

0 339

Chris and Ally honor the brave men and women who have died serving our country in this special Memorial Day episode.  Also, Baba Gonesh opens his new restaurant and delivers his weekly installment of “Baba’s Folk Tales”.  An update on Tisha Chicken.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Adam Woodall Band

017. VCR Technical Advice and The Real Elvis Story

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National Turtle Day honored, Peet calls in asking for technical help with his VCR, Baba Gonesh tells an Indian folk tale, the true cause of Elvis’s death is discussed, and a story about a fatal accident involving a toilet brush handle.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Adam Woodall Band

016. Ally Hosts Show With Friend

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Former WDGC-FM radio partner Daryl Woltman visits the SmorgShow studio.  Ally teams up with her friend, Kat for this week’s show while the dads go out for a Portillo’s run; Riddles and stories; Baba Gonesh Comedy Camel.

015. Geocaching and Podcasting: The Marriage

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Chris gets tickets to the upcoming Roger Waters The Wall tour and tries to get Ally excited about going; Chris and Ally explain the sport of Geocaching and launch the official SmorgShow Podcast Cache and Tisha Chicken Travel Bug into the wild; Baba Gonesh gives a lesson on how to clean your camel litter box, and strange news of the week.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Allison Crowe

014. SmorgShow Theater: On A Country Road

0 381

Chris discusses his torn rotator cuff.  The SmorgShow Players reenact the old-time radio drama, “On A Country Road”.  Also, Baba Gonesh returns with another “Thought for the Day”.

013. Chicken, Alaska and Spoiled Kids Who Destroy iPads

0 339

The origin of “ChickenTongue” is discussed, Chris and Ally discuss the teenagers who thought it was cool to destroy their new iPad; Chris plays an old recording of a phone call to Chicken Alaska, Ally wins the “Critic’s Choice Award”, Chris discusses his 25th year high school reunion, and Baba Gonesh Comedy Camel, the search for Dave Jackson continues, and weekly wacky news.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Amy Courts

012. Loogie-Laced Whopper Sandwich

0 331

Ally’s performance in the Solo/Ensemble Choir Festival, Baba Gonesh Comedy Camel, the case of the loogie-laced Whopper sandwich, and new artist of the week debut.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Dan-O

011. Ally Flies Solo

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 While Chris goes out for a pizza, Ally sneaks into the studio and does the show by herself.   Philip Donald makes his debut appearance on the show.

010. More Classic Chris and Dave Show Clips

0 297


Sympathy for the Deejay:  Chris plays an old audio clip of what got them in trouble on the old Smorgasbord radio show.   Chris and Dave reenact the night when Fred Moore called the radio station in an outrage.   Fred as a contestant on the game show, “Get a Life”.   Chris calls Peet to bust his chops for not listening to the podcast.   Peet admits to not being tech savvy enough to download the show.   Baba Gonesh Indian Folk Tale, “The Dog Bride”.

009. SmorgShow Theater: Sorry, Wrong Number

0 335


The SmorgShow players recreate the classic 1943 radio drama, “Sorry, Wrong Number”.  Also, strange news stories of the week, Baba Gonesh’s Indian Folk Tale of the week, and a 2010 remix of “Slime”, from the Cow Dung and Chicken Tongue collection.

008. SmorgShow Theater: Murder in the Mansion

0 350


‘Murder in the Mansion‘ radio play.   After Ally’s recent birthday party where she hosted a murder mystery, the SmorgShow Players create a radio-play version of the party’s script.

This began the springboard for us in creating all the subsequent old-time radio dramas in our SmorgShow Theater series.

007. Plumbing Advice and French Culture

0 314

We call Peet to ask for his advice and help on a plumbing problem since he has been in that industry for 25 years.  He offers no more assistance than if we had referred to the Moen website ourselves.  Chris’s dad who lives in Paris comes in for a visit so we give him a French culture quiz to see how well he is assimilating in France.

006. Classic Chris and Dave Show Clips

0 340

With Ally off celebrating her birthday with her friends, Chris does the show solo and brings out some old Chris and Dave Smorgasbord show bits (including Talent Line, “Get a Life”, the ‘Algebra – Not Just for Homework Anymore’ commercial, and Comedy Camel).   Then, Baba returns from India with a classic Indian folk story to wrap up the show.

005. Chris Calls Old WDGC Colleague

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Ally’s Birthday Show:  Chris and Ally discuss the origin and copyright protection of the “Happy Birthday To You” song; a discussion about birthday traditions around the world, Baba Gonesh calls in from India while celebrating the Indian holiday, Holi.  Chris calls old WDGC partner Daryl Woltman, to discuss their daughters’ shared birthday; Peet’s Perspective.

004. The SmorgShow Dating Game

0 351


Our version of the ‘The Dating Game’, another installment of ‘Peet’s Perspective’, Ally takes a current events quiz, and Baba Gonesh returns with another profound Thought for the Day.

003. Valentine’s Day and Re-Introducing Baba Gonesh

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Valentine’s Day Special:  Baba Gonesh comes out of an extended retirement to recite some Valentine’s Day love poems and gives tips on how to prepare for that special date.   Peet McCain returns to the program with the debut of his new weekly feature, “Peet’s Perspective”.    Judy the Child whips up a special Valentine’s Day dinner, and Chris and Ally submit an entry into the Norah Jones karaoke contest.

Other features:  For President’s Day, Ally recites the U.S. Presidents in record time.   We receive a call on the feedback hotline from Canadian Astrologer, Mystical Melinda who last appeared on the Chris and Dave Smorgasbord Radio Show back in 1984.   Chris unearths an old recording of his love song from 1982 called “The Black Cow”, and we wrap up the program with some very odd news stories.

002. Peet Discusses His Success with Match.com

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Peet joins us by phone and talks about the origins of the Smorgasbord Radio show title as well as how Match.com has been working out for him.   Ally gets outstanding academic achievement recognition.  New game show “What did I say?” and an update on former WDGC-FM General Manager, Fred Moore.

001. The Smorgasbord Radio Show Returns

0 347


Chris revives the old Smorg brand name after 25 years since Chris and Dave’s last show.  This time Chris pairs up with his daughter, Allison in this new weekly podcast series.  On this first episode, Chris updates the audience on what everyone has been up to since the original Smorg crew disbanded.   Chris and Ally experiment with a helium tank and then make a road trip to the local Sonic.

000. Series Prequel

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This was actually recorded 4 years after Episode 1.  This serves as a prequel to the SmorgShow Podcast Series for anyone just now stumbling upon our program.   Chris and Ally discuss the experience of doing the show together and provide an overview of what the program is all about.     If you are just only now discovering our show, we hope you continue to explore the rest of our production catalog.