The 2010 Relaunch

So why did I decide to bring back the old Smorgasbord radio show?  Back in January 2010, on a cold and snowy day with nothing else to do, I decided to do some fun little audio recordings with my daughter, Ally.  

For this I needed to go into my basement crawl space to search for the old microphones and mixing board that were used for the original radio show that I did in high school.  As dusty as they were, those old Radio Shack microphones and 1979 “Disco Mixer” were actually still functional!    I proceeded to set up the equipment in the kitchen and soon the two of us were up and running with our very first show which I uploaded to my modest little website.   I knew nothing about podcasting at the time, but slowly started to learn about the promising new medium and how I could actually get the old show running again for a new generation of fans to discover!

Well, one thing led to another and slowly after investing heavily in new broadcast quality equipment, the SmorgShow Podcast was born!  

Along the way, all of the old SmorgShow radio gang – including Dave Jackson, Peet McCain, Jerry Malauskas, Baba Gonesh and Judy the Child – jumped on board and have made regular contributions to the show.    

It’s been a blast doing the old show again as an adult.   In many ways, I feel the new show is superior to the old in that technology has allowed us to create some really amazing bits that were not possible 30 years ago.

Here are some photos of the Smorgasbord gang!

Chris and Dave Reunited
Jerome, Official CCC of the Smorgasbord Radio Show