173. Fasten Seatbelts: Turbulence Ahead

Statement from the Editor: We apologize in advance for the obnoxious pretzel crunching throughout this episode. We have taken appropriate disciplinary actions to prevent this from ever happening again.

After a much needed, but rather lengthy time away, Chris and Jerry are back for the first episode of 2024. And their return could not come any sooner! Here we are again in another election year. If recent history is any guide, we are in for some turbulent times. What will the globalists try this time? Another pandemic, a race war, power grid outages, or WWIII?

Other Topics:

  • Chris tries VR goggles for the first time
  • Bill Gates celebrates World Toilet Day
  • The relentless attack on the civil society and social fabric of the country
  • The latest controversy with Google Gemini
  • How will AI influnce the 2024 Election?
  • George Soros to purchase the U.S.’s second largest radio network
  • Vintage Baba Gonesh Thought for the Day: “The Little Bird”