The SmorgShow Lounge – Where All The Magic Happens!

A few videos to show the evolution of our studio. When we first relaunched the SmorgShow Podcast, it started out at our kitchen table. Just Chris and Ally sitting at a couple of stools in front of some old Radio Shack microphones and a ‘Disco Mixer’ from 1979. We posted our first episode based on just doing this little recording one Saturday afternoon. We had no idea what it was to become.

Once we got our rhythm and we knew we going to be in this for the long haul, our set-up expanded and we moved into our own space in the basement. It is fun to look back on how our podcast journey evolve since then.

SmorgShow Studio Evolution (2010-2017)
SmorgShow Studio Tour 2012
SmorgShow Studio Tour 2021
The SmorgShow Lounge 2023