149. Live from the Carlisle (Part 3)

Smorgasbord Radio Rewind Episode

As we approach the 40th anniversary of the Smorgasbord Radio show, we look back at our 30th anniversary celebration from 2012 when Chris and Dave returned to their old stomping grounds of Carlisle Banquets in Lombard, IL where they hosted ‘The Taste of the Smorg’ back in 1984. 

This is the third of three episodes leading up to the big anniversary where we look back at our special live event from the Carlisle. 

On this episode, we hear another live performance from UK’s Jordan Martyn as well as an interview with the singer-songwriter. We play some of the first radio bits of Jerry calling into the Chris and Dave Smorgasbord show as well as the bit that put Chris and Dave on WDGC-FM General Manager Fred Moore’s naughty list. Chris performs his song live about adolescence in the 1980’s.