162. To Tip or Not To Tip?

Jerry updates us on his annual DEI (Diversity-Equity-Inclusion) training; Chris completes his mandatory harassment training, although he wonders why he was the only one on his team who got the notice about the training. This sparks a discussion about Chris’s early days as a manager where he had to manage an associate out of the organization for sexual harassment who then turned around and sued the company for racial discrimination. A couple of years later, Chris finds out that the same employee sued Pizza Hut for the same reason.

We discuss the sharp rise and fall of Diversity Officer positions over the past few years.

BBC Tech Reporter James Clayton is completed owned by Elon Musk during an interview where the reporter asked Musk about the rise in hate speech on the Twitter platform since taking over the company. Yet when pressed to cite even a single example of a tweet that qualified as hate speech, the reporter could not.

Baba Gonesh is back after a lengthy hiatus with another installment of Breaking Baba News: Mumbai Medical Mishaps:

  • Surgical Scissors Found in Woman’s Stomach
  • Bottle of Vodka Found Inside Man
  • Deodorant Found in Man’s Stomach

Feature Topic: To Tip or Not To Tip? It seems like everywhere you go now, you are expected to tip. Have we reached the tipping point? What is the proper tipping etiquette in 2023?