160. Fowl Play or Eggspiracy?

Special Guest Actors Papa Vito and Bud Wizer open the show to discuss the Murder Mystery Party that they will be attending that evening. The theme: “A Taste for Wine and Murder”, set in the wine region of Napa Valley, California at the Underwood Wine Estates. It has been 5 years since the owner of Underwood Wine Estates mysteriously disappeared during the valley’s annual wine festival.

Papa Vito and FBI agent, Bud Wizer

Then quite abruptly, Chris and Jerry join the show already in progress to throw the trespassers out of the studio so that the show can proceed forward as planned. They provide an update on their healthy eating and exercise goals as discussed on Episode 158.

This week’s main topic concerns the trend of food plants and poultry factory fires where hundreds of thousands of chickens have been killed over the past several months. Chris and Jerry discuss the possible explanations as well as the conspiracies surrounding this troubling trend. Fowl Play or just an Eggspiracy? You Decide!

Chick-Fil-A launches a new cauliflower sandwich

Chris and Jerry bring back ‘The Overconfident Jerks‘ and rehearse for karaoke night.