156. Turkey Talk

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! To get you in the holiday spirit, we bring you All Things Turkey! As the SmorgShow gang takes an extended break for the holidays, we dig into our vast historical audio archives and breathe some life into our old bits concerning Thanksgiving traditions. Segments on this episode include:

  • Turkey Trivia with Chris and Ally
  • Baba Gonesh: What’s in a name, particularly if you are a turkey? Baba provides a history lesson on the discover of the bird that has come to be known by many names around the world.
  • Black Friday Campers
  • Cookies and Milk with Granny Rose: Thanksgiving Traditions (the first appearance of Granny Rose on the program).
  • Baba and Ally’s Dramatic Thanksgiving Reading
  • Perfect Thanksgiving Cooking with Judy the Child. Judy goes back to the original 80’s Smorgasbord Show and makes her one and only appearance on the SmorgShow Podcast.