128. Oktoberfest 2021

Jerry Malauskas returns to the studio for this long overdue installment of the SmorgShow Podcast. On this episode, we opine on the following:

  • Chris turns 55!
  • Ally’s wedding was a success! We reflect back on the special day.
  • Baba News with Baba Gonesh recorded from his Chennai studio: Rajasthan man who was honey-trapped has been arrested on charges of spying for Pakistan, telling investigators that his greed for nude photos made him leak sensitive military information. Also, a travel update for those attending the Oktoberfest in India.
  • Oktoberfest 2021 – The festivities in Munich may have been canceled for a second straight year, but Chris and Jerry celebrate the beer festival in the customary SmorgShow way. Jerry takes the German history quiz. Prost!
  • Current Events and Cancel Culture Catch-Up: Jerry transforms into Jerome the CCC (Chief Conspiracy Correspondent) and we catch up on the latest news regarding inflation fears, supply shortages and the coming apocalypse. But hey, by this time in the program the beers have kicked in so we are either lighthearted about it or just full of crap! Cheers!