Phillip Donald, Singer-Songwriter

Phillip Donald joined the SmorgShow Gang in the summer of 2010 after Ally came home from a day at the playground. Chris was not happy that his daughter brought a stranger home, let alone a man in his late 20’s who was hanging around an elementary school playground.

But it turned out that Phillip had a very innocent, childlike presence about him and soon it became apparent that he would go on to be really big someday. His musical abilities were like nothing Chris and Ally had ever heard before and they immediately decided to take him under their wing and give him a platform to present his compositions.

What transpired from there was quite the journey: After the successful launch of Phillip’s debut album ‘Such a Good Ugly Thing’, he started writing his follow-up LP, ‘For the Kiddies‘ which was going to be a collection of songs for children. However, shortly after releasing the first single ‘Hide and Seek‘, Phillip was arrested for lewd behavior on a school playground and spent nearly a year in prison where he began writing a collection of songs including the track which would become the title track for his next album, ‘Break Loose’. Phillip was eventually released from prison and was eager to begin touring when the covid-19 pandemic struck. Phillip was forced into isolation where he completed his masterpiece follow-up sophomore LP, ‘Break Loose’, a concept album which took on a double meaning from being in prison and as well as being a prisoner in self-isolation.