114. Coronavirus Lockdown!

Life During COVID-19: We bring this episode to you during the midst of the Coronavirus lockdown where Chris and Ally, through the miracle of technology, connect remotely with co-hosts Dave Jackson and Jerry Malauskas via Zoom.

We discuss many of the subtle ways life has changed during the stay-at-home period and even the positive things that have come out of it.

Jerry Malauskas – our Chief Conspiracy Correspondent shares his views on what is happening as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Baba Gonesh, also in lockdown in India, but still manages to serve his role well as International News Correspondent for the SmorgShow Podcast.

Monkeys Rule the Streets of India during the COVID-19 Lockdown!

In the latest installment of Breaking Baba News, Baba discusses how monkeys have reclaimed the streets of India during the lockdown.