117. Oktoberfest 2020

OktoberFest 2020 – With the official festivities in Munich being canceled this year due to COVID-19, the SmorgShow Podcast brings OktoberFest to you! In this 3rd annual tradition of celebrating the occasion, Chris is joined once again with Jerry Malauskas live in the studio and Dave Jackson via Zoom.

We discuss some interesting Oktoberfest facts and test the guys’ knowledge with a game of trivia.

Chris is now officially an empty-nester after Ally moves away into her own apartment. The guys share some stories about their days of being roommates together, and living on their own for the first time.

Other Topics Include:

  • Apple iOS14 and the new COVID-19 Exposure Notifications.
  • Geoffrey Gleason Tech Talk:  Apple Watch Handwashing Notification and special tips on how to properly wash your hands.
  • Baba Gonesh – Breaking Baba News: The monkey mayhem continues in India as monkeys steal COVID patient blood samples.