124. Coffee with Chris and Dave

After a nearly 6-month absence from the show, original Smorgasbord Radio show co-host Dave Jackson returns to the studio.

Chris decides to take advantage of Dave’s return by dialing the rhetoric back a bit from where the show has gone in recent episodes. Jerome Malauskas has taken his responsibilities of Chief Conspiracy Correspondent (CCC) seriously and as a result, the SmorgShow was starting to go into territory we strongly resisted for many years. Hence, the rather benign episode title, “Coffee with Chris and Dave”. We have shelved the whiskey in favor of our favorite brew so it is safe to get the family together and gather around your listening device of choice.

With Ally’s wedding just 90 days out, Chris has started to panic about writing the perfect Father of the Bride speech. Here, we discuss essential elements of a perfect speech and the top gaffes to avoid. Is Chris up to the challenge?

Baba Gonesh takes a break from his duties of International News Correspondent and taps into his wealth of knowledge of Hindu customs and traditions with the first of 3 installments of ‘Baba Wedding’. In this first installment, Baba addresses the #1 asked question submitted to him through our feedback hotline, “What is up with India and the arranged marriage?”

Finally, Chris and Dave head to the local cafe to have a hot brew and to discover the specific personalities associated with each type of coffee.

Phillip Donald reveals his new album cover along with the titles of the songs for is forthcoming album, “Break Loose: Songs for a COVID World” .

Finally, resident technology expert Geoffrey Gleason discusses ways to stay safe online.