Baba Promoted to International News Correspondent

Hello everybody!  I have debuted a new feature on the SmorgShow Podcast this weekend.  I have decided to put on hold my famous folk tales that you have come to love over these last several months in exchange for more serious business.   I am now an official news correspondent for the SmorgShow Podcast.

There is a lot of turmoil in the world right now and as a result I have decided to present news from the homeland for the foreseeable future.

Listen to Episode 48 when I talk about the monkey catchers in India finally getting paid what they are worth.  Then there is a tragic story of a freakish man-eating elephant who devoured 17 human beings before being brought to his death.  Only old man Baba can deliver this type of news.   You cannot find this anywhere else in the media, so I hope you will tune in.   Hasta la vista, baby!

Peace, Baba