Stinky Pants

Happy New Year! Forgive me for my lengthy absence from this weblog.  The holidays were nice and now it’s back to the real world.    I had a very interesting day today.  I have been using a home delivery service for my dry cleaning for about 3 years now.  No major issues – very convenient, reliable – until today.  I unwrapped the garments that were delivered yesterday and I nearly passed out from the very peculiar odor that was coming off them.   It was a cross between vomit and manure – not exactly sure which but neither scenario is pleasant.  

For some strange reason it was just the pants – shirts were fine.   They must have switched to a new dry cleaning agent or something.  I have been trying to get this mystery solved all day today with the dry cleaner.  In the meantime, I left the bag of clothes out to air dry in our laundry room.  Now the wife and daughter called to tell me the entire laundry room smells like throw up.  I guess the vote is in – and the winner is vomit!

I  just received an email saying that “Bernie” was looking into it.   More later.

-Webmaster Chris