071. Peet’s Bed and Breakfast

Is this the Monkey Man??

Terror in Mumbai!! Baba Gonesh returns from India where he witnessed first hand the chaos and mayhem resulting from wide-spread panic of the rumored “Monkey Man”.  Local residents believe that a peculiar figure resembling a black monkey runs on their roofs at night, swings from tree to tree, kidnaps children, and attacks women before consuming them.  Baba plays actual testimonials from the local villagers describing their personal experiences.

It’s Ally’s birthday and Granny Rose visits the SmorgShow studio to celebrate.    Peet McCain joins us live from Cleveland to give us an update on his bread and breakfast venture as well as his pursuit of a Tuk Tuk.    Returning to the show this week is “Get A Life”, the game where we give away an exciting new life to someone who is in desperate need of one.  If you would like to trade your worthless life in for a new one, call our studio hotline at 312-95-SMORG.  Tell us why you feel you are deserving of a new life and then choose door number one, two, or three.    Your new life will take affect almost immediately, so you better prepare by saying goodbye to your friends and family before calling into the show.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Ed Hale