Chris and Dave at Voiceover Acting Class

Chris and Dave, with Notebook – Ready for Class!

Dave Jackson and I hit the road this past weekend and headed out 70 miles west of Chicago to a small town called Malta, just a few miles from our old NIU stomping grounds.   We decided to attend a voiceover acting class at Kishwaukee College.   It was only a two-hour class, so I didn’t really expect to learn that much.  However, there was a ton of information packed into the session and the class got to read from various commercial scripts which were recorded and will be later used for the evaluation they will provide back to each of us.

The class was more of a launching point for those who want to pursue a career in voiceovers.    Dave was an excellent student:  He brought a notebook and writing utensil and took very detailed notes.   The notebook had just about 12 pages remaining as if he ripped out all used pages from the last college class he took over 20 years ago.   Following the class, we headed back to the SmorgShow Studio to record our first show in over 25 years.   Check out episode 49 of the show in the podcast episode section of this site.