Chris and Dave Live at Starbucks!

Chris and Dave, Outside WDGC-FM

Well, it happened.   I found Dave Jackson after so many years and we met up at the Downers Grove Omega restaurant on Ogden Avenue.   It was the same place where we used to unwind after our radio show.   The place looked identical to how I remembered it.  The big difference for me is that this time around I didn’t have to worry about the $2.00 minimum.   So Dave and I had lunch and we caught up on the years that have passed since we last connected.   I made a few CDs of the shows that Ally and I have done over the past year and gave those to him.

Once lunch was over, we took a drive over to Downers Grove North High and snapped a few pictures in front of the WDGC radio station door.   We decided not to ring the doorbell.   It was already obvious that many years have gone by that we didn’t need to be reminded of it by having a 15-year old give us a tour of the studio.    Then we drove over to Starbucks just across the street from the Tivoli Theater and Bowling Alley.  We chose Starbucks because they had free Wi-Fi where we could fire up the laptop and explore some of the old videos that we did back in the day.   We rounded off the afternoon with Dave recording some taglines that we can use for our new show.     Take a listen and hear more on episode #43 when Dave Jackson joins us by phone and shares the challenges he has faced with his radio career.    We agreed that he would come out to our studio in the springtime and do a real episode with us.    Meanwhile, Peet is trying connect with Dave now.   Peet wants to finance high speed internet for Dave so that he can do shows with us remotely.    We’ll see how that goes.    So there it is, the Chris and Dave reunion.  Very low key, but an extremely enjoyable afternoon.