Chris and Dave Reunion Show (1996)

At the end of 1995, Peet and his girlfriend moved to New York City. Since I was busy doing the married thing along with buying a new house, I was too engaged in those events to get too melancholy about him leaving. After a while the reality began to sink in. It was tough for a while. Major events of 1996 : Buying a house and moving back to the ‘burbs. Specifically, only 5 miles from where I grew up.

When Dave and I got together for my Labor Day party at my new house, it gave us a chance to reconnect. After 14 years of having started the Smorg show, we realized we still had some kind of chemistry. There are a couple shots of me with Dave here in my backyard of the new place. We managed to sneak in one creative bit – a Red Ass Ale Commercial.

Although we knew we weren’t going to get back together to do amateur radio again, Dave invited me to guest star on his last show for WDCB, the College of DuPage radio station. Yes, it indeed happened. For one night only, Chris and Dave reunited at the mic for a one-bit reunion show on WDCB. This was the last show for Dave at this station, so we thought it would be fun to sign off together. It all seemed very natural for me to sit at the mic again after almost 10 years of being off the air.  Although the bit lasted only under 10 minutes, it was a classic in the making.  We probably alienated Dave’s audience with some stories about the old days, but we didn’t care. This moment was for us.

Jerry had his own 70’s soul show which followed Dave’s blues show. Here’s a video from that segment.

Jerry Malauskas on WDCB-FM, 1996