Dave Jackson – Found Alive!

Dave Jackson, Circa 1996

Greetings, all!   I apologize for not posting sooner, but it has been a very busy few months.  I can’t believe we are heading into May.  First off, I made a job switch and I am back in the Market Research industry after a few year hiatus.   So it has been busy just trying to learn the new job.

Most recently…last weekend in fact…Peet came up to visit and we had a great weekend catching up.  Nothing formal…no videos…no creative writing…just guys bonding.   But the big news out of all of it was that we managed to track down Dave Jackson after losing touch in 2004.   We had heard that he was going through rough times health wise, but learned that he received a new kidney after a considerable amount of time on the waiting list.  So Dave ‘Buck’ Jackson is back!!!   We had a good talk and we will be getting together at the Downers Grove Omega sometime in May.   Gotta run for now, but wanted to share the good news.

-Webmaster Chris