I Smell Like a Woman

The Fancy Stuff

The Christmas shopping season has finally begun for me. Like many others this year I am cutting back on my purchases and being very selective of what I actually do buy. I typically dread heading to the malls. I get quickly irritated by the process of finding a parking spot – usually getting behind someone who sits there waiting for a family of six to load up their car and pull out just so they can get a spot really close to the doors. I decided to take a different approach this year. I made it a point not to be in a hurry, not to expect to be done in an hour, and not to worry about the mobs of people pushing and shoving through the store aisles. You know what? It actually worked this year. I was happy. I was patient. I left the malls accomplishing everything I needed to buy and I still had a happy face.

About an hour into my shopping spree, I passed through a section of a particular store that had perfume testers. I sampled two of the fragrances – you know, spraying the little paper strip that they provide. I sniffed both but at the time I thought they were too strong so I kept going. I finished up all my shopping elsewhere in the mall, headed back to my car and proceeded to leave the mall parking lot and go home. When I rubbed my nose, I smelled a bit of one of the fragrances that I sampled and it smelled really nice. Apparently I had missed the strip of paper and some of it got onto my hand. I decided to go back and buy it. This was a mistake. By this time the mall was more crowded and parking was very difficult to find. An ice storm had started and the wind had picked up. I reminded myself that I was going to have a happy face and made it a point not to get irritated.

I went back to the store with the perfume samples. I could not remember which of the two fragrances was the one I liked. I sprayed the strips again, but like the first time they seemed a bit strong. I waited a few minutes, but still they never smelled like my hand did after an hour. The salesgirl came over to find out if I needed help. I explained my situation. She asked to smell my hand…which I thought was beyond the call of duty. She couldn’t say for sure but told me that the fragrances can smell different on the skin versus the paper strip and suggested I spray my hand and wait a bit. I sprayed my left hand with one and my right hand with the other. I was so confused with all the scents so I waited a few minutes and thought it was the left hand. I got into the very long line with my selection and just waited my turn. I started to have doubts about the one I selected. I decided right then and there that it was my right hand that was the one I liked. So I went back to make the switch. This time, the salesgirl came back and told me I could get the lotion of the same scent for only $10 more. I agreed to buy that as well and went back into line. I then decided to open the lotion, and puff a bit of the air out of the tube so that I could smell it. By doing so, I also squeezed out about 3 inches of lotion which I had no choice but to rub it into my hands.

And that is how I ended up smelling like a woman. No wonder I still had a happy face.