The Naperville Barn Stage and Seating Plans (1984)

Barn Show Plot

We had given away 200 seats on the air for this live broadcast. Both Lisle and Downers Grove cable stations were there to tape the show for a later broadcast. We had 3 local bands open for us. We spent about $100 to rent the place and Peet plopped down an additional $150 or so for pizzas. This was to be the show to push us in the upper stratosphere of high school radio fame! What could possibly go wrong??

March 17, 1984 – Peet’s 20th Birthday, and the day the largest snowstorm of that season hit. Naperville got 12 inches of snow dumped within a 10-hour period. Since most of our audience relied on their parents for transportation, a total of 7-10 people showed up. There was some good news – No one gave us the finger that night. Needless to say, for the next three months, Peet and I had pizza as an ingredient in everything we ate (sandwiches, salads, cereal, etc.).

I drew the sketch that is shown here in study hall (where I got most of my creative ideas). I forgot to add the actual people – yeah, that’s it – that was what the problem was!