104. A Millennial’s Perspective on Dating

This is the first episode where I host the show with someone other than someone from the SmorgShow gang. This week I welcome Eric Coleman to the SmorgShow lounge. Eric has been serving as the AV technical/worship arts leader at Harvest New Beginnings Church in Oswego, IL where I have been running sound and assisting the tech team for the past couple of years. Eric is one of the few people who can appreciate the complexity of running a podcast and can “geek out” over the lights, sounds and smells of our studio. Eric has been asking to be on the podcast for several months and it’s taken me a while to figure out how to create an episode around him given the unique format of our show. I also needed to ensure I could connect with a millennial in terms of finding the right content that fit within the framework of the program.

The result is something completely unique to what we have ever done before. We talk about about Eric’s faith and his journey that brought him to this point of being involved as a worship arts leader for Harvest New Beginnings church. Somewhere along the way we determine that puppet shows had influenced us both at an early age and inspired us to pursue our passions in life. We spend some time chatting about relationships in the high-tech world of online dating apps. Eric also performs a couple original songs as well as a more current, popular worship song.

This episode is nothing like we have ever done before, but since the SmorgShow is “a show about anything”, I think this fits in quite well with the format.