20th Anniversary Smorgasbord Reunion (2002)


Peet started the year by moving out of New York City, and to Cleveland, Ohio.  This was also Peet’s big year, as he finally settled down and got married.  I drove out to Ohio to meet his soon-to-be wife, Luanne in March.  In April, I served as best man at his wedding.   And then of course, September 11 came and we all were impacted in our own personal way.  We will always remember where we were when it happened.  I spent the evening of 9/11 at a Laurie Anderson concert.   She didn’t cancel the performance, so I thought it would be a good place to be at the time.


Okay, it wasn’t exactly the event of the decade, but the chemistry was all very much in tact after all these years.  The Smorgasbord team reunited at Chris’s house on Saturday June 8 for six hours of bonding, reminiscing, and a little ‘Spinal Tap’ thrown in for comfort.  We tried to create an Osbournes-like feel to the video we shot.  Some of it came out like that, but other parts will likely never see the light of day.  There was, however, enough stuff to pull out and stick on the 20-year Anniversary video that came out in fall, 2002.  You will also find many additional clips from this evening posted in the SmorgTV section of this site.