097. What is K-Pop Music?

Jerry Malauskas is our in-studio guest again for a very unusual installment of the SmorgShow.  For an episode where there was absolutely no show preparation, we managed to squeak out another 90-minute show.  An open conversation of two middle aged men that goes on a variety of paths.  Just some of the subjects discussed:

  • Jerry introduces Chris to K-Pop music – is this the new male?
  • Chris discusses all of the house projects that have been on hold that he is looking forward to completing once Ally graduates from college next year.
  • How politics is infecting everything we do and used to enjoy.
  • Politicizing the college classroom
  • Ally attributes her interest in music to Chris playing ELO when she was younger.
  • Remember the days when you bought a crummy album for one song and got stuck with it even if the rest of it sucked?
  • Classic 80’s Smorgasbord Show Rewind: Mr. Brown Can Moo.