072. Chris Launches His Voiceover Business

Angry Brides Game

We review some listener feedback from Chris’s Podcast Mastermind group. The consistent theme is that they enjoy the chemistry and interaction between Chris and Ally and want more of that going forward.

Ally is just days away from her spring break trip to Florida with her science class and she walks through her itinerary.    Chris thinks Ally is too young to be heading to Florida for spring break, but thinks spending a day at a turtle hospital is probably harmless.

Chris officially launches his voiceover business website and gives an update on some recent jobs he was awarded.    In conjunction with the website launch, Chris discusses a new podcast he is launching devoted to the voice over acting industry.  The Voice Acting Journey Podcast will debut in April.  

Baba Gonesh visits the studio and presents “Baba News”.   He discusses “Angry Brides”, a very popular game in India based on Angry Birds, only this game allows brides to get their revenge against opportunistic dowry seekers.

Finally, Ally debuts the audio from her award-winning science class video project.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Jonnie Murphy

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