The Early Adult Years (1989-1990)

The Days of Adolescence

Jerry and I moved in together in an apartment in Woodridge, IL. Neither one of us had enough money to live alone, so we paired up for a year until I earned enough to get my own place.

One week before the start of the 90’s, I wrote a song to reflect on the fun as well as the pain over the past decade. It was off “The End of the Innocence” by Don Henley. It talked about growing up as as a teen in the 80’s, my days in radio, going off to college, surviving the summer of 1985, and it highlighted my personal values such as the true friendships in my life. It is still my best written song to date (if I do say so myself).

I went to Berlin Germany in July of 1990 to see Roger Waters perform the Wall at Potsdamer Platz, the site of where Hitler committed suicide. And I can honestly say that I was able to assist in tearing down the Berlin Wall!

There are some shots here of me getting a makeover. There was no apparent reason for this other than a lack of video material. I end up looking like Tim Curry from Rocky Horror Picture Show. After nearly 3 years of separating, Dave stops in for a visit right in the middle of the makeover bit. A lot can happen in 3 years as I’m sure he was thinking at the time. “What the hell happened to you?”

The Makeover

Peet McCain’s School for “Higher Earnings Through Deceptive Practices”

A survival skill dating back to the summer of 1985, Peet brings his ideas for making it to the next paycheck to life in this video. Here, Peet illustrates how to build a $25,000 credit rating just by floating a check between 3 banks.  It was good to have Peet back for this.  This was our first time together in 5 years doing something creative again.

The Lonely Guy’s Subliminal Dating Service:

After a miserable try with a video dating service, I came up with a fictitious service of my own. The premise was to take your image and broadcast it over the TV airwaves to reach the girl you wish to date. (Kind of like Coca Cola ads subliminally planted in a movie theater’s previews.)  In this video, Jerry goes through the various positions as he would on a regular date:

– “An image of you bringing flowers to your date”.
“An image of you toasting your date with a glass of cognac…”
“An image of you cuddling up with her on that love seat…”
“…you and her engaged in sparkling conversation…
“…and don’t forget that goodnight kiss”.

Surprisingly, no one wanted to finance this idea. If anyone is interested, I will offer 50% of any profits made from the service. There are a lot of gullible lonely guys out there. Take it from me, as a former member of that club.

Remastered Video, 2022