Tisha Chicken Returns Home!!

Tisha Chicken Travel Bug - Goal Chicken Alaska
The New Tisha Chicken Travel Bug

Two and a half years after her original launch with the goal of reaching Chicken, Alaska, Tisha has returned home.    Her total milage was slightly over 5400 miles with Seattle being her farthest reaching travel point.   Unfortunately once she got to Seattle, someone didn’t read the directions carefully and brought her back to the midwest instead of pushing her northward toward her ultimate goal of Alaska.

It really isn’t the same chicken that was originally launched in Saw Wee Kee park in Oswego back in September of 2010.   The rubber chicken that was attached to the registered dog tag became detached and somewhere along the way it was replaced by a laminated photo of a chicken.   Still, it is good to have her home.   She will get a makeover and we will try it again.   Stay tuned…