096. The Smorgasbord Woods Project

The Smorgasbord Woods Project: Dudes in the Woods.  Former Smorgasbord Radio Show Co-Host Dave Jackson and Jerry Malauskas join Chris on this episode.  As a closeout to summer ’18 and a kickoff to fall, the guys head to the hiking trails.

The guys hit the trails at two relatively secluded forest preserves, Saw Wee Kee Park, and Waa Kee Sha, located in Oswego, IL.

Our original intent was to record both audio and video for this adventure.  However, it didn’t take very long for us to realize how difficult it is to balance the content so that it worked equally as well on both platforms.  Therefore, we created an entirely separate video of the event which can be found on our YouTube channel as well as at SmorgShow.com.