051. Belly Button Bacteria

Dave Jackson joins us live in the studio again in this action packed episode:  An update on the new SmorgShow Theater radio play, Baba’s new podcast is up and running and has a larger audience than the SmorgShow Podcast, Chris quits his day job after receiving an outstanding evaluation from the good folks at the Voices For All voiceover acting school.

News Balls:  A new study on belly button bacteria, the corpse flower is set to bloom in Ohio, and a man eats his finger after being depressed.   EASTER BUNNY SPOILER ALERT!  Granny Rose joins us again to give helpful Easter egg decoration and hiding tips. Baba Gonesh presents another installment of Baba News.  Also, we help a man get out of his desperate situation on Get-a-Life.  Finally, ‘Where’s Tisha?’ and listener feedback hotline calls.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Cross the Border