101. Origins of High School Radio Station WDGC-FM

The SmorgShow quartet returns with the first episode of 2019 after a rather long hiatus. A busy spring sent Ally to New York City to perform with the North Central College Women’s Chorale at Cathedral of St. John the Divine and Carnegie Hall. Ally talks about this amazing experience and some of the other things she has been involved with as she gets closer to graduation.

The second half of the episode picks up where Episode 99 left off. Chris and Dave interview Jim Swick from Downers Grove North High School class of 1966. Jim was largely responsible for making high school radio station WDGC-FM a reality.

Jim takes us back to the pre-launch days of the station’s origins and discusses how he established the first radio signals that would be the start of what would become an incredible legacy and would influence the lives and career paths of so many individuals.

Chris and Dave set the record straight that 2019 is actually the 50th anniversary of the station, not 2018 as was celebrated last fall with the station’s alum. Jim shares some of his favorite stories from his career in broadcasting.

Finally, Chris shares an embarrassing story about his childhood.