102. How to Attract More Podcast Listeners

Chris, Dave and Jerry host this episode of the SmorgShow Podcast. Chris is very upset to learn that Baba Gonesh’s podcast has surpassed the SmorgShow in number of subscribers. Baba’s recent marketing blitz and updated podcast artwork has caused Apple to take notice. Baba’s show was recently featured in “New and Noteworthy” section and is among the Top 5 Indian Culture podcasts on Apple. Given that Baba has been given the SmorgShow as his creative platform for 35+ years, it was a little shocking to the gang that this “spinoff” show has become so successful. It prompts the gang to brainstorm on how to get more listeners. Perhaps the show needs a fresh makeover or some gimmick to attract more listeners.

On this episode we discuss the recent Supreme Court case of a California fashion designer who was denied a trademark registration due to its “scandalous” and “immoral” brand name, which uses the acronym for “Friends U Can’t Trust”.

This is the first episode of the new format where we will begin to publish more frequent episodes in a shorter, more concise format.

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