The Ravine by Ray Bradbury – Coming August 30!

The Forthcoming Release from SmorgShow Theater

We are excited to announce that we have completed post production on our latest installment of ‘SmorgShow Theater’.   Our next radio play will be released with Episode 85 of the SmorgShow Podcast on August 30, 2014.  This time around we have re-enacted Ray Bradbury’s short story classic, The Ravine.   It will be a chilling episode!

We had a great time recording this, our first full-length radio play production since 2011’s ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’.   This is our second Ray Bradbury re-enactment, the last one being ‘Zero Hour’ that was published in May 2011.

The SmorgShow Podcast has been on a lengthy hiatus since August 2013, so this upcoming episode will be the first show Chris and Ally have done in a year.